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By dans316 On 2014.10.09 13:04
My wife June was at the surgeon today who did her mastectomy five years ago. As I expected he said that all is well and with her present condition, he would recommend discontinuing annual mammograms and further visits to him. Our PCP last week had brought up the subject of a Colonoscopy. He also raised the question of what would we do if the test turned out positive?? So we will not put June through any more screenings. Not sure how I would handle the colonoscopy prep anyway since she is incontinent:(

By jcoff012 On 2014.10.09 23:02
Having just had a colonoscopy, I cannot imagination how June would do it. Besides her being incontinent, she would not be able to eat anything.

Carl had one last year, but he is not progressing as quickly as many here, so he came through it well...he had a bit of trouble afterwards, but only for a day.

I would love to be able to give you competent and compassionate advice, but I think you need to take everything under consideration and make the decision that gives you both the best quality of life. My opinion is just opinion.

You know I am eight years out on my uterine cancer, but there is always an elephant in the room about it coming back in a different form. However, one cannot live under daily stress about something which may not materialize.

Your devotion to and support of June will make your decision simple. You love her and do not want her to suffer needlessly...she is very lucky to have you, Dear Friend.reread your post...I think you have already decided. Love to you both, Jane

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