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By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.27 09:35
For the past 7 years my husband has been counting his PD pills for the next day before he goes to bed.
Lately I've noticed that sometimes there is an extra pill in his little pill container so I don't know if he took the proper amount or not.
Then the other night he was trying to count his pills and counting far too many pills so I tried to direct him to how to count to 8. He gets confused at times.
This morning he didn't have enough pills in his container so obviously only counted 6 pills the night before.
I'll check how he is counting tonight but I might have to check the pills every day now.
Also when he puts together enough pills for other things for the month in a pill box, I also have to make sure they are correct. He does pretty good but there is just one area where he gets confused.
This disease just take everything away from him......... just another day in the life of a PWP.
Do you prepare your spouses pills now or do they do it themselves?
I hate to take that away from him as he needs to be useful.

By makrivah On 2014.10.27 11:03
I set up the pill boxes and order refills. I tried having my PWP do it. It was beyond him.

My PWP takes pills five times a day. I set up four weeks at a time. I use this pill box for the day time doses. Each day can be carried in his pocket. It's easy for me to tell if pills have been taken.

I then use a simple one for the bedtime dose:

By setting up four weeks in advance, I can order refills as soon as I complete filling the boxes. Since we get his meds through the veterans administration, I don't have to worry about lead time and running out.

Yes, it takes me about an hour or so once a month. I find that less burdensome than a daily or weekly chore.

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.27 11:24
Thanks, For now I'll monitor his PD pills and see how it is going.
I've also been trying to monitor his morning pills for heart, etc.
He is usually pretty good about taking his PD pills 4 times a day, but if he is doing other things I have to remind him.
The night time pills are usually the ones he forgets or takes later.
Thanks for the imput and I'll see how it goes.

By umajane On 2014.10.27 11:55
I also set up pills and order them. I do them weekly..if takes a few minutes..I have one small box for morning and one for evening. In between its just one carbo/levodopa every 4 hours or so.
My husband used to do it but it got a bit confusing. This is one area I do not want to mess up although I wonder how well all this medicine works. I would love to try a week without any meds and see the difference but would never do that although I have thought about it.

By jaxrock On 2014.10.27 13:47
My husband would have no idea how to dole out his meds.....
He sometimes gets confused and, when the timer goes off, he crosses the time out on the page I write, then forgets to take the pills....
So, every two and a half hours I have to make sure the right pills are taken at the right time..I set my iphone with the reminder alarms as well as writing the times down on a tablet.
But, the good thing is.....this keeps him "walking and talking"..No complaints!
I set his pills in dispensers once a week, for the entire week.
He has his morning meds in a container on his bathroom sink. His Exelon patches are also there for after the morning shower. His day time meds are in another container on the kitchen counter. His nighttime meds are side by side with the day time meds. So, he has three separate containers of pills.
Our pharmacy orders all of his meds automatically and texts me when the meds are ready....anything to make it easier and keep me on track...
Whew! Keep on keepin' on!! It's worth it!

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.27 16:01
The doctor gives 3 months supply for the Parkinson's pills so we don't have to order them very often. The other pills are ordered about every 2 months so he checks on it periodically or I'll check too.
If it isn't too personal, I was wondering how long each of your spouses have had Parkinson's and at what point they started getting confused about their medication, or did you always fix it for them.

By SparkysGal On 2014.10.27 16:44
I was wondering the same thing Lynnie2. Right now my PWP does his own meds. He takes time on Sunday afternoon to put everything together for the week. He seems to do OK - it takes a while and he generally cusses a bit trying to get them into the containers but he's still managing. I do remind or ask if he's taken his meds as he sometimes forgets to take them at the proper time.

By Trusting On 2014.10.27 23:58
I fill my husbands pill boxes too. I also fill 4 weeks at a time. He just was getting too confused to do this. Recently I found him getting into the place where I keep all of the medications. He was adding pills that were already in his pill box. He also doesn't take them for the day the box is marked for. I try to explain that's the only way I/he can know if he has remembered his meds but it hasn't changed. I know I'm going to have to begin hiding his meds so he doesn't overdose. Like the rest of you, I hate taking everything away from him, but this one is threatening his life.

By umajane On 2014.10.28 02:04
My husband has had Parkinson's for about 4 years, he is 74....about a year ago I took over organizing the pills. Sometimes when I put the pill out he forgets so I have to make sure he takes them. Reading this is so familiar down to the Exelon patch which I sometimes forget to put on after his shower. I will have to have a better system.

By jaxrock On 2014.10.28 09:02
My husband is 77, and was diagnosed 12 years ago...
I don't remember him ever remembering to take his pills correctly...
I think it was an issue from Day 1
When he thinks he knows when to take his pills, it's usually wrong....double doses, etc.

By makrivah On 2014.10.28 13:27
My husband was diagnosed in September 2005 at age 61. He was In denial for a LONG time so taking pills on schedule was a constant struggle for me to remind him (I.e., in his opinion, nagging him). As PD progresses he has realized that not taking a pill or being late or doubling up or taking the 11am dose at 11pm etc etc etc, just makes him feel worse. He was never interested in understanding what the pills do, or when to take them or why now and not later. It fell to me to understand the regime and "enforce" the timing. So I've always done the pills.

Someone asked what if the PWP just stopped taking the meds. Under doctors orders, he did that about this time last year. It was a total disaster. The silver lining to that failed experiment was that he accepted his dependence on medication to function. He still doesn't grasp that he takes different meds at different times and doesn't understand why if he misses a dose he can't just take that one at the next interval.

Always a challenge. We just keep on smiling.

By trapper On 2014.10.28 21:56
Re pills:
I have been counting pills for my wife for some time but this was a problem area. She has had Parkinsons for about ten years and a few months back we went on the Bubble Paks (we live in Manitoba Canada). The pills are in Bubbles on a card. For example, the breakfast pills are in a Bubble, and the lunch pills in another bubble, the supper pills are in another bubble, etc, etc. The card has a weeks supply of pills on each card.

The Pharmacist had to talk us into trying the bubble paks at first, but now I dont know how we did it before w/o the bubble paks.

Give the Bubble Paks a try.

By makrivah On 2014.10.28 22:19
Does the pharmacist prepare the bubble packs? My husband's regime is made up of many different medicines, not just carbidopa/levodopa. His bubble packs would need to be custom built.

By trapper On 2014.10.31 22:58
My wife and I take loads of pills --- from Sinemet, Losec, Plavix, (you name it) and the Pharmacist loads them all in the Bubble Paks.
Believe me this saves loads of work for me.
Ask your Pharmacist about getting on the Bubble Paks system --- I'll bet you wont be sorry once you get the Bubble Paks.

By trapper On 2014.11.02 00:46
Here is some info that I got off google to see if bubble paks were available in USA. It appears that they certainly are:
Custom Bubble Packs

Bubble packs can simplify a complicated medication regimen. Individuals who have trouble remembering to take their medicine, or caregivers who want to assist them, will benefit from organizing pills in bubble packs. Morning pills are packed together in one "bubble" as are noon, evening and bedtime pills. There are several different systems, including weekly and monthly packages. Ballweg Family Pharmacy can automatically fill your bubble packs on a routine schedule and prepare them of pick-up, delivery or mail service.

By Sheridan On 2014.11.02 21:41
I get the month long bubble/blister paks from the pharmacy. They blister pack one of my husbands non PD meds and sell me blister cards that I custom fill myself. I fill them monthly. I have a card for 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm. I use a zip tie to string together. Makes it easy to keep track of as when I use 7am I just flip over card. I don't know what I would do without cards as meds were getting very confused. I still have to set timer on phone or may forget dose!

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