For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sunshine On 2014.11.05 22:47
Hello Everyone
It has been a very long time since I have posted on the website.
The past 2 years have certainly been challenging with new meds tried and with simply life living with Parkinsons.
My husband and I are looking for a video that would be specific to Parkinsonians for chair exercising. He is unable to attend classes any longer and I would like to exercise with him in the home. I understand that there is also Chair Yoga that can be specific to Parkinsons as well.
Would anyone have any information or titles of these items so that I may be able to track them down for purchase.
Thank you very much. :)

By makrivah On 2014.11.05 23:32
We haven't used any of these, but they are listed on the National Parkinson's Foundation website:

By Mary556 On 2014.11.06 02:02
Thanks for your question and response. My PWP might like this, too.
the DVD "Motivating Moves for People with Parkinson's" is the one which caught my eye, but I could not find it at the linked website. If anyone else is interested in that one, here is another place where it is available for order:

After a hospitalization my Mom was given several chair exercises by her home-visiting physical therapist and occupational therapist. We were told that exercises which move opposite sides of the body, one after another, are particularly good for persons with Parkinson's. For one exercise we tap our feet, alternating right and left. For another we march in place. (We sing along to pass the time. Mostly I am solo, but once in a while Mom suddenly bursts into another verse of "Stars and Stripes Forever" all on her own. She makes me laugh.)

By dans316 On 2014.11.06 09:40
Thanks for the link, I ordered the DVD. Maybe June will be able to do some of the exercises. She does love to sing and that was one thing her LSVT therapist suggested for improving the loudness of her voice.

By jcoff012 On 2014.11.06 12:28
Also, Google Sittercise...these are seated exercises. I used them for the residents at a Senior Living....not strenuous...

By sunshine On 2014.11.06 23:14
Thank you everyone. This is very helpful for us. We sincerely appreciate each of your responses.

By VioletV On 2014.11.06 23:37
I know I"m a bit late here, but I did want to add the method by John Argue, which is specific to Parkinson's Disease.
My husband learned a lot about the effects of PD on movement from this method.

I thought the videos were just superb. John Argue has such a lovely manner that he makes you WANT to try the exercises.

here's a link:


By jsf On 2014.11.08 14:18
My husband and I love "Dance for PD at Home". These are fun and lovely routines done IN A CHAIR and led by the Mark Morris Dance Group of Brooklyn. You can order DVDs for vol. 1 and 2 at or 1-800-957-1046.

By Mary556 On 2014.11.08 23:04
Thanks for your idea, Dan. My Mom and I sang a few songs before supper tonight, something we would not usually do. It was great fun for both of us! But we need to think of some better selections that have easier words to remember and easier range for our voices. It's a good thing my Dad is hard of hearing :)
Let us know how June likes her chair exercises. I'm going to order that DVD also, hoping that both of my parents may try it together. We will check out the other recommendations also. Thanks, everybody.

By dans316 On 2014.11.09 07:47

Sing along with Mitch Miller recordings work great.

By Mary556 On 2014.11.09 07:59
Perfect... thanks, Dan!

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