For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Trusting On 2014.12.14 18:56
Friday we made a follow up visit to a Neuropsychologist. The test my PWP every few years to see what stage his dementia and movements are at. The news wasn't good which I already knew, but he went in thinking they were going to tell him he could drive again. He asked the doctor why he can't get his license back. The doctor very patiently explained that he understood that my husband "knew how to drive" in his mind, but his movements were so slow that he couldn't respond quickly. (Truthfully he would get lost at this stage of his dementia, plus he can't respond quickly.)
My husband's countenance changed the minute the doctor told him he would never drive again. He came home and slipped into a bad depressed state. He didn't want to go anywhere or see anyone. He told me he had no reason to live b/c he can't do anything. I called his kids and a few close friends and asked them to pray for him and let them know what was going on.
Last night he received a visit from his son's family that seemed to change his outlook. They came to encourage him and brought him a gift. It he is a different person. He's so much better. The gift they brought him was a hand held voice recorder. He has always loved to tell stories from his youth. He says he can't write anymore but now he has a way to preserve all of those stories. It's something he "CAN" do. It is very simple to operate and I believe he is going to put it to good use. We will transcribe these stories to the computer for him.
I am amazed at what a difference a gesture like this can make in someone's life. Today he received another visit from a concerned friend. It helped him regroup and rethink. I'm writing this to let you know that sometimes we have to reach out and ask for help. This little recorder might be something your PWP could use too. As always, one day at a time. Blessings!

By trapper On 2014.12.14 23:23

I'm interested in hearing how your husband makes out with the voice recorder. I am wondering whether it would be of any help to my wife who is PWP. But, I am not sure that she could operate it as she has problems operating the TV remote. And the computer seems to be too much for her.
What is the brand and model of the recorder. Is it a digital type, etc.


By Trusting On 2014.12.14 23:44
Trapper, it is digital. The brand is Olympus. It is very simple to use they only have to push a start and stop button. It does more but we don't plan to show him anything other than these two buttons. We (my children and I) will do the deleting and any set ups it needs. He played with it a little today. It is small enough to fit in his shirt pocket so he can take it anywhere.

By jaxrock On 2014.12.15 06:17
Like so many other posts here, this really hit close to home..
My husband has been writing his memoirs - but, when PD took over, his writing stopped....depression, loneliness, etc...
Now, tho, someone is working with him to complete his manuscript..with a voice recorder....He no longer has to struggle to write.....but can talk, and talk and talk....It has changed his attitude immensely ( unfortunately, his PD is still in the forefront).
He also likes to listen to music from a tiny radio with earbuds....perhaps this would be an item worth looking into..It seems to calm him down, especially in the evening before going to sleep.
Good Luck to all of us!

By SparkysGal On 2014.12.15 12:17
I loved this post! My PWP can still use the computer and loves checking up on his friends via Facebook. He has talked about wanting to document his "stories" but lamented that he just can't type well enough anymore. This sounds like a perfect solution. The only downside is that he will hound me to complete the transcripts. LOL - I think I will convince him to transfer the voice recordings so that the grandkids, and future generations can hear his stories in his own voice.

By Trusting On 2014.12.15 16:12
My grandkids are planning to put his stories on CD so they can hear him tell them in the future. Of course we will write them too. I hope this will encourage others. By the way, my husbands mood is still good today.

By VioletV On 2014.12.17 13:05
I do believe that there are programs that will do a rough transcription from an audio recording -- worth considering, as transcribing audio is a tough and thankless task.
Don't have time to look them up today, but will try to get the info tomorrow.


By jcoff012 On 2014.12.20 21:26
If you have a computer, find Dragon is can set it up to record your voice, make corrections, etc...not cheap, but well worth the cost...

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