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By makrivah On 2014.12.15 23:44
My PWP asked for wireless, sound deadening headphones for Christmas. I immediately ordered a nice set online. Initially, I was thrilled! No more blaring TV. Later, I had second thoughts. Will the headphones become yet another wall of communication? Will he retreat to his recliner and disappear into his private wall of sound? I'm more stressed about this than I should be.
Do any of you have experience with this situation? Thoughts are most welcome.

By bksquared On 2014.12.15 23:58
My husband loves his headphones. With extraneous sound removed he can listen to the dialogue of the tv or movie. This correlates to him being able to process more easily what is happening. Yes he may be shutting out the world, but he is in a better mood since tv or the movie plot is less frustrating. His better mood results in a happier home environment.

By carman96 On 2014.12.17 10:22
This sounds like a good idea. Sometimes my husband listens to music with corded headphones. He sometimes though has a hard time putting in the CD. I would like to get him an mp3 player of some sort but it would have to be simple to use. He hates ear buds.
I think for the tv it would be good because it is hard for him to focus.
Thanks for the idea. What kind did you get?

By makrivah On 2014.12.17 13:25
I've ordered from Sharper Image tv wireless headphones Item # 201771. It's a Christmas gift so he hasn't used them yet.

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