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By lurkingforacure On 2015.01.06 22:34
Someone mentioned the dementia rate in PD is around 30% and I just wanted to mention two things about this:

1. it is a known fact that sinemet, which almost every PWP takes, depletes the body of vitamin B6, I think it is....the B vitamins are crucial for neuronal health (and lots more, they are involved in hundreds of processes in our bodies); and

2. studies have been done and more are being done into the effects of giving seniors in particular a quality vitamin B complex (the whole range of B vitamins) regularly. In one study, they gave everyone suffering with "dementia" at a small nursing home a B complex daily for several months and every single one of them improved, something which is not supposed to happen.

I guess my point is that we all fear dementia and while that is understandable, we might want to consider what could possibly be done to either prevent it entirely or reduce the severity. Be careful supplementing with B, though, and know which forms are most bioavailable so you don't waste money.

We have also noticed that if we take B vitamins during the day, the sinemet doesn't work very well at all, so we have to take them at night. I think I read somewhere that while sinemet depletes B6, supplementing with B (which you almost have to do) blocks the action of sinemet! What a war these drugs rage in the bodies of our loved ones:(

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