For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Michele On 2015.01.17 19:51
Ok, so I haven't posted in several months. My stepmother lost her battle with multiple myeloma on September 15, 2014. Dad has been in quite a decline since. Depression and worsening symptoms of PD. Then on New Years Eve he was doing his regular walk outside and became short of breath with chest pain. He was taken to the hospital and they determined it was Congestive Heart Failure. A week later we took him back to ER with dehydration. He is home now and we are doing everything we can. Low sodium diet, balancing enough fluids without getting too much, meds, home health care nurses, physical therapy and speech therapy.
We track everything! He's 84 and I'm afraid after loosing two wives in this one lifetime and knowing how much he is declining, also being aware of his cognitive decline he doesn't have much will to go on!! It breaks my heart to see him so sad and weak. He has lost a lot of ground and he may not have the strength or desire to try and get it back.
No real questions here just kind of wanting to put it down in words I guess:(

By moonswife On 2015.01.17 21:06
You are on the list of people we will pray for here in California, too.

By jcoff012 On 2015.01.17 21:33
Michelle, my Mom is 95 and has outlived everyone on her side of the family, my daughter, and my Dad. She has Diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, a pace maker, and a month ago just had two surgeries in one week to replace several stents. Yet, she rallied. She had to take therapy several times a day, go on oxygen, and stay in a rehab center.

I call her two to three times a day, which gets very depressing for me...we are in CA, she is in OH...We JUST flew back a week before her first surgery, so this came on unexpectedly, too.

Please don't give up. Your Dad will get a lot of strength from your love and concern. My brother called me last week to tell me he is convinced my constant love and phone calls are what helped her. I am sure this is the same for your Dad.

That said, maybe your Dad truly has my humble opinion, I would suggest calling his neurologist to include him in current and future care.

Whatever you do, bless you for understanding there is a need here...and for trying to make your Dad's life better. Good luck. You are a good daughter. Hugs and love. Jane

By Mary556 On 2015.02.10 22:53
Michele, I keep thinking of your Dad and pray he will be comforted. That is a heavy burden. At such a difficult time your father is blessed to have you there beside him. I'm sure your presence, your loving care is a great consolation now. God bless you all.

By Michele On 2015.02.11 23:18
Thank you all for the kind comments. Dad is holding his own, he has gained back some of the ground lost over New Years. His PD is slowly worsening but the dementia is much more progressive and constant. PD and CHF both are contributing to that. His body temperature is running very low because of his heart function and the cardiologist said all we can do is keep him comfortable. Today was a good day he was talkative and involved. Good days or bad we are doing all we can and making sure to enjoy all our time with him!

By carman96 On 2015.02.12 10:19
Michelle, that is the best thing you can do, enjoy your time with him.

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