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By SparkysGal On 2015.01.29 08:32
Does anyone have a stair lift in their home? We are in a 2 Story house and time is approaching when my PWP is not going to be able to manage the stairs. We really like our house and neighborhood, so thought perhaps a stair lift might be the answer.

We have priced them and the cost although not cheap is small in comparison to buying a new home that is on one level.

Any experiences or thoughts are appreciated.

By ResistanceFutil On 2015.01.29 11:26
We rented a house for a family reunion that had a stair lift. It was a bit complicated in that there was a landing with a 180degree turn in the stairs requiring two lifts with a transfer on the landing.

The lift worked quite well for two relatives with non-PD mobility issues. I was very impressed with the functionality of the lift.

We have a single-story home. Glad there's help with those in two-level homes

By makrivah On 2015.01.29 11:56
The house my daughter purchased had a stair lift already installed. They left it in place...planning ahead for her Dad (PWP). In the meantime she used it at the end of her pregnancy. It handy to tote laundry and groceries, whatever up and down, and her four year old loves to make believe he's flying. I've only heard her say one negative. The mechanicals get dusty/dirty and are hard to clean.

By Mary556 On 2015.01.29 12:04
We are looking into getting a stair lift soon. Friends of our family have used one and recommended a reputable local company that would do the installation. Our friend thinks it is better to lease the lift rather than purchase it. Then if there is any problem there would be no charge for a replacement. If you own the lift you would pay for any repairs yourself.

We have the same concern about being right at the top of the stairs when making a transfer out of the chair... what if someone lost their balance? My Dad wonders if there is a way that it could go around the corner to a safer place on the landing.

By carman96 On 2015.01.31 09:57
We recently made the big move from our 16 acres on the hill to a mobile home park in town. Problem is, it has 6 steps up into the house. I thought about a ramp but it would take up too much room. Thought about star lifts too but that would not accommodate his scooter. I ended up with a wheelchair lift and it works like a charm!
While this would not work for an inside staircase, I wanted to tell you that I got the lift off of craigslist! I found a pretty new one less than an hour away. This nice young couple even delivered it for me. Her parents had bought the house and didn't need the lift. I saved at least half the cost of buying a new one.
ANYWAY, while I was looking on Craigslist, I saw several stair lifts for very reasonable prices. If you had someone that could install, you could save a lot of money.
I didn't know you could rent them, but that's a good idea too. I saw some videos on a website that show the lift going up and around the top off the stairs, not just stopping at the top step.
Good luck, you are doing the practical thing by looking ahead of when you really need it.

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