For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Lynnie2 On 2015.01.29 12:19
I told the MDS assistant that my husband's memory was getting worse and he said there a pills that he could take that they give Alzheimer patients.
I didn't write down the name, as they won't be doing anything now since he is having lung surgery soon. We will discuss it in 6 months when we see him again.

The name might of the meds may be different in the States compared to Canada but have any of your PWP ever taken medication for this purpose?
if so, are there any side affects that are harmful in other ways?
I think the name started with P but not 100%.
Some medication makes you extra sleepy or interferes with other medication non-Parkinson's related.

By jaxrock On 2015.01.29 14:58
My husband was put on the Exelon seemed to help..However, I think he could use the higher dose patch now....I'm planning to ask his doctor during the next visit.
Good Luck

By carman96 On 2015.01.31 09:02
My husband has been taking Aricept, the generic is donapezil. Don't know what it would be in Canada. This drug has been around for awhile.
Seemed to help quite a bit at first. Worth a try I would think.

By makrivah On 2015.01.31 11:54
Prescription Name GALANTAMINE HYDROBROMIDE 24MG SA CAP (aka razadyne)

My PWP has been taking this for several years to aid with dementia. Initially, he would say it was like a cloud lifting or remark that things weren't as fuzzy. He is taking the maximum dose. His doctors said from the beginning that effectiveness would diminish as he declined overall. They were right.

BUT this drug worked for him for a while.
Hope this info helps.

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