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By jcoff012 On 2015.01.29 20:27
We are home from San Francisco with changes in meds, including the addition of over the counter melatonin. Carl has been having spurts of thrashing and outbursts at night, so his neuro wants him to give this a try at bedtime!

It was a particularly wonderful visit. Dr. Christine is so upbeat! He smiles, jokes, holds Carl's hands lovingly as he turns them over to examine them, and is just an amazing man...He is gentle and kind and extremely thorough with coordination testing, etc.

That said, he upped Carl's frequency of several of his meds and added a new one...then finished with the melatonin.

But, to me, watching him stare intently into Carl's face as they talked was worth the long trip. Everyone needs a doctor like this...The most wonderful comment was preceded by a huge smile..."You are doing well with all you are able to do...all the walking and exercising, your positive outlook, your drive and fight are great. We need to adjust a few meds, but if you keep this up, I will help with the tremors so you will have the best quality of life possible, for as long as possible!"

It was a positive way to end our visit! We don't go back til the end of July. We talked about it all on the drive home. Quality of life, but no promises of a miracle. Carl's words. He said it was great to have someone who can help him have a good life, but without false promises. No illusions, just the truth. Fantastic!

By carman96 On 2015.01.31 09:11
Glad you had a good visit. It makes a huge difference to have a good doctor that you trust.
Mike's MDS told us to give him 2-3 tablets of bedtime. Since it usually comes in 3 mg tablets, I give him one 10 mg so he won't have to take so many pills.It helps!

By Trusting On 2015.02.03 12:22
My husband has been taking Melatonin for years at bedtime. It is a great supplement. When he was diagnosed with PD the doctors office had a pamphlet that told CO-Q10 was a very important supplement for PD. Also Evening Primrose. I also give him Vitamin D.

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