For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Witsend On 2015.02.23 00:23
My husband has been in an Alzheimer's Care home since September. His cognition continues to decline, and he is now wheelchair-bound. It's odd, he's strong enough to walk, but he's just not safe walking. He's had many falls at the center, just as he had at home. The difference is that there are twelve people around to help him at the Center, instead of just me with my destroyed back.

The last few months have been agonizing for me. All the years of caregiving at home kept me in a constant crisis mode, without time to really process what was happening to both of us. The result is that I've had a bit of an emotional meltdown over the past few months.

There are lots of PD Dementia patients at the Alzheimer's home, as well as all other types of dementia. It has been good for my husband to be around a lot of people, and to have a strict routine that doesn't vary from day to day. But he is declining quickly.

I hope to be back here more frequently and to catch up with everyone here.


By carman96 On 2015.02.23 01:47
Joni, I'm so sorry for what you have been going through. I hope you are taking care of yourself. At least you know your husband is getting the care he needs.
This is one tough journey we are all on.

By JulieB On 2015.02.23 08:12
Dearest Joni, I relate so well to everything you wrote. Yes, it's agonizing to walk through all of this. I felt close to meltdown many times, and wondered if my husband's illness was going to kill us both. The dementia component with PD is so heartbreaking, and no one truly understands unless they've walked that very road. I pray you have deep peace and feel God's love and mercy, and please know how much we understand and send our love to you.... xoxo

By Trusting On 2015.03.01 20:04
I'm sorry you are having to go through this time apart from your husband but we know there is a time we have to keep them safe. I have told my husband I will take care of him in every way I can but when or if it gets to the point that I cannot keep him safe I would have to make that difficult choice.
I'm sure you are also going through an adjustment of feeling guilty because you have free time again. Don't feel guilty. A wise man once told me that if we don't take care of ourselves we will have nothing left to give to others. You should sit down and ask yourself what is something that I really enjoyed doing before PD. What things did I have on my bucket list before PD? Then pick something and do it with no guilt. I'm guessing your husband would want you to do it. Prayers and blessings to you.

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