For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Lynnie2 On 2015.03.02 17:10
I am having problems with my husband's drooling. I suppose most of you have this problem if your spouse drools.
He falls asleep in his chair and the drool makes his shirts dirty or his PJ's if he still has them on.
I tried tell him to put a little towel under his chin, but he forgets or just puts it on his laps, which doesn't help.
He uses the towel to wipe his mouth.

This afternoon we were having tea at the table and he didn't finish his tea, and was falling asleep at the table.
In the meantime I left the table and sitting in the living room which is in the same room, and suddenly heard a crash!
He knocked the tea off the table and it fell over his new jogging pants which are a light grey and the tea all over the floor. I had him remove the pants so I could wash them immediately.
I hope they don't stain as they were brand new!
I don't care about him falling asleep at the table, but next time I'll make sure nothing is in the way. The chair has side arms, so he can't fall over.
As for the drooling, I guess I'll have to put up with it unless I make a bib or something, but I hate to go that far now. It just makes him look like a old man in a nursing home, if I go that far.
Thanks for listening............

By VioletV On 2015.03.02 19:18
Hi Lynnie,
I'm about to serve dinner, but I just read your post and wanted to tell you about the dining scarves that help maintain my husband's dignity while protecting his clothes. Here's the link.
I have no commercial interest in the product, of course--it has just helped me. If the issue is drooling I might make them myself and line them with very absorbent washable material so the moisture will soak through without staining clothes underneath.

Off to put dinner on the table (um, I mean tray -- lol)

By LC On 2015.03.03 13:47
I bought some bib clips like they use at the dentist on Amazon. I use wash clothes or small towels with the clips. It keeps him and his clothing dry and clean.

By Mary556 On 2015.03.03 18:17
We do something similar to LC, except instead of ready-made clips for the neck opening I improvised with 3/4" binder clips (or else some ID badge holder clips) amd a length of 1/4" wide elastic. Usually my PWP is able to put her serviette on and off by herself; that is a nice moment of independence during her day. 14x22 kitchen towels are long enough to cover her lap and are easy to rinse off to launder later. My Mom apologizes when there are spills on her bib, but I told it makes me happy to see chocolate there because that means she is having a good day :)

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