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By mksilton On 2015.03.15 16:15
My 86 y o mother (dx2006) with advanced PD frequently doesn't swallow her Sinemet. She keeps it and the water and/or applesauce she takes it with in her mouth. It dribbles out, and she doesn't get her full dose. Can anyone help with this?

By Lynnie2 On 2015.03.15 16:22
How does she eat her other food?
Is there something else that she would like that she might swallow easier?

Have you had a swallowing assessment done? Maybe a speech pathologist might have a suggestion.

By mksilton On 2015.03.15 17:10
She actually swallows very well. It's more a matter that she doesn't. There are no problems swallowing food.

By Mary556 On 2015.03.15 22:32
Greetings, mksilton. My Mom did something similar this morning when she was taking a crushed pill mixed into pudding. Usually she just eats it and I do not watch her. But today I noticed that she was starting to drool that mixture and additional water. I asked my mother if she was having difficulty to swallow; she said no and seemed confused why I would ask that. She told me she was upset/worried about something else. I think maybe she was so distracted by other thoughts that she just lost her focus on what she was doing at the moment.

My PWP (about the same age as your mother) has some difficulty to swallow pills. We use applesauce and water also. Mom was getting obsessively anxious, all day thinking about her next dose and worrying that it would not go well. Lately we've been crushing her generic Sinemet and mix the powder with a little applesauce. That method is much easier for her. I wasn't sure that L-dopa could be crushed but found a few reputable sources that say it is alright to do. (Someone please advise if that is not correct.) If you go that route it is best to check with your neurologist if there is any doubt.
Best wishes for your mother.

God bless all PWPs and caregivers.

By JulieB On 2015.03.16 11:26
The extended release Sinemet (CR) should not be crushed, but our neurologist told us the regular Sinemet can be crushed.

Also there is a chewable, very easily dissolvable Sinemet called Parcopa which is a larger blue pill and tastes a little better than the crushed regular medication. I would definitely ask your doctor about prescribing that.

My husband Michael liked the chewable/dissolving Parcopa, and it was very convenient in the mornings -- I could put one in his mouth before we even got him out of bed, giving him a little relief right away. Also, I didn't have to go crush something and put it in applesauce before the sun came up. :)

xoxo Julie

By Mary556 On 2015.03.19 01:25
Thanks so much for more helpful info, Julie. It is good to have additional validation that it is safe to crush Sinemet. I had read about the liquid form but did not know there is one which dissolves. has information that Parcopa should be used with caution for someone who has asthma or shortness of breath... so my Mom might not be a good candidate. We'll try to find out more.

This week I discovered that "Go Go Squeez" applesauce is a much easier way to deliver my mother's one pill that cannot be crushed. (My previous method was too messy and time-consuming.) Maybe trivial, but to me this is better than finding a leprechaun's pot of gold!

Peace be with you.

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