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By Lynnie2 On 2015.03.21 09:57
I think I might have approached this subject before, but a lot has happened since then, so I'm asking again.
My husband had a cough last August and had a swallowing assessment done and was going to have some speech therapy. He searches for words and his voice is softer now and volume lower.
As it turned out the cough was from cancer in his lungs and in Feb. he had a lobectomy.
Back in November we were going to do some speech therapy but I cancelled it due to the lung problems.
Recently through the CCAC, Community Care Assistance Centre, a speech therapist came out to assess him.
She can't do much due to funding, but suggested we call the other therapist at the hospital to see if we can start up again.
I am wondering if your PWP has ever done any therapy. I don't think they can help with the speech that much, but the therapist from the CCAC is going to bring a package of things to help. They can help more with the pitch and volume.
The therapist at the hospital can only see us once a week and it would be up to me to do most of the work.
It will take a lot of work and I wonder if it will help.
I want him to be able to talk more, so maybe we should try it anyway.
I think the therapist at the hospital said if we start and find it's too much for him, we can stop anytime.

By carman96 On 2015.03.21 10:19
Yes my husband sees a speech therapist and she does cognitive exercises as well as speech and swallowing exercises. I'm not very good at following up at home, but as far as I'm concerned , any therapy is better than nothing.

By Lynnie2 On 2015.03.21 10:37
Does he see the therapist once a week?
That is all we'd be able to do and then I'd have to work with my husband during the week.
Does he have to read out loud as one of the exercises?
Did it help with remembering words better or is that still a problem?
That is the worst part about the speech, not being able to recall something he wants to say.
The MDS is going to give him some medication to help with memory, but it won't be until July when we see him again.

By carman96 On 2015.03.25 10:38
Lynn, my husband sees the speech therapist once a week. They will individualize a treatment for each patient. She has him do voice exercises, like saying AH as loud as he can, swallowing, etc. The cognitive part for my husband is matching pictures, following instructions, like touch your nose, then your right eye then your left elbow. Some is reading sentences out loud and then saying the answers.
My husband is several years into his dementia, so I think it would have been better to start earlier.
No one ever told me how many different things Speech Therapists can do and how knowledgeable they are about Parkinson's. I would highly recommend it.

By Lynnie2 On 2015.03.25 10:53
Unfortunately the speech therapist that he went to last November before his lung surgery closed her files, so now I have to get another referral.
We are going to the MDS for his Botox tomorrow, so I will get a letter from him to give to our family doctor.
The speech therapist said it will be a few months after she gets the referral before we can start again as she had other patients. Even if we can get some sessions in before the summer, then we can practise those exercises.
We were going to have therapy before his surgery and she had me write down several sentences for him to repeat.
His memory is getting worse in certain areas, for example when taking his pills which he's done for the last 7 years. I have to make sure he's take them okay.
Now he isn't sure how many to take even though I have them in a container with the right amount in each section and the time marked on each section. Some days he's okay, but at night he is gets more confused for his last dose.
I don't know what else to do.

Anyway, we are suppose to see the MDS in July and they were talking about some medication for the memory.
Does your husband take anything for his memory? They say it's the same medication as Alzheimer patients take.

By carman96 On 2015.03.25 17:09
Lynn, my husband takes Aricept. The generic name is Donepezel. It seemed to help quite a bit. Unfortunately it isn't one of those drugs that you can just up the dosage. He still takes it, but I can't tell if it still works or not. I have had to take over and give him his pills so that I could make sure he was taking them.
Too bad it is taking so long for you to get appointments. It seems they make us wait so long these days.

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