For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LC On 2015.03.29 14:31
I am looking to purchase a light weight wheel chair. Any recommendation?

By Mary556 On 2015.04.01 23:56
Years ago my Mom got a lightweight wheelchair for her father through Walgreen's drugstore; that is the one she uses now as her chair at the kitchen table. It might also be called a "transport chair". We have been happy with it. Sorry to say I have misplaced the paper which gives its brand/model and that info does not appear to be on the chair itself. If it turns up any time soon, I will let you know.

The chair we have folds up easily to fit in a car and it is lightweight enough for a rather flimsy girl to carry up and down stairs (carefully, occasionally). We do not have footrests on ours though... that is something you might want. At first my PWP was doing a cute Wilma Flintstone impersonation (moving the chair with her feet) but she quickly learned to lift her feet so I could push her. Sometimes out-of-the-blue my mother will suddenly push back as I am unlocking her wheels. She has almost bowled me over a few times! So I have learned to always give her a prompt to lift her feet when the locks come off, and always step to one side as I release the second brake, just in case.

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