For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Wildcats1958 On 2015.03.29 19:47
My husband has had PD for 15 years and has had the DBS surgery on both sides. He is 79 years old. He started having weak, wobbly legs last summer and fell a lot. He had his other side DBS surgery in August. The anesthesia threw him into 5 days of memory confusion and then couldn't walk. He was moved into skilled nursing for a month and assisted living for a month last Fall. He is getting some physical therapy but his balance is very bad and uses a walker. He tries to step with out it and falls. He now wants to mostly sit and watch movies, very quiet and a little more cognitive loss. Doesn't talk much but still has the " I am right and you are not" which isn't new!! He takes Carbo/Lebo every three hours and the Extended Release at bed time. We are waiting for the major fall that will land him in the hospital and then nursing home. The cognitive part always throws me because it seems to just suddenly be there. I am caught now with needing home health care companion when I want to be gone and whether to leave him for 1 hr at a time. His falls are when I am here usually. The nuerologist said the each fall to the head causes for cognitive problems each time. It has changed things so much because I have fear of taking him places. He has always passed out easily due to the PD drop in BP. Just frustrated and 16 yrs has gotten old but I remain a faithful caregiver. I finally have control of the meds. I guess my main things now is the falling so easily and is it meds etc. The doctor said she didn't have a pill for that. So far not the freezing gait.

By Lynnie2 On 2015.04.01 14:02
Have you considered a nursing home before anything serious happens?
I didn't think that DBS was done that late in life, as I thought you should be around 70, but maybe it's different there.
It sounds like you don't have much of a life yourself and I know you don't like leaving him very long, so if you have a nursing home close to your home, maybe that would be the answer.
When you say you have fear of taking him places, it makes me think you need more help.
Do you have children near by or are they too far away to be of any help.
What do they think of this situation?
Maybe you don't want to think about the nursing home right now, but if you could get someone to stay with him when you go out it would be an idea.
You need to get time for yourself and not be thinking of him all of the time.
Take care and I hope you can get some help.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.04.01 16:25
Wildcats, Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes for some falling becomes a distressing and dangerous issue. Ask the therapist if there is some other kind of walker more suited to His balance issues? Checking into help to come in and at least spell you a couple times a week. The senior center in your area may have programs where he come partake safely and give you a few hours here and there. It's hard to say if it is the Parkinson's Disease that is causing falls or the medication, most all of our medicines have dizziness or light headedness listed as side-effects. Maybe consult with the Neurologist about needing a wheelchair? Sometimes Doctors can hear something and be thinking it is just a small problem so asking about a wheelchair may register with the Doctor that He is developing a serious problem with falls and some attention must be made to that area of his problems. Again bringing it up to the forefront of attention with Doctor and Psychical Therapist for hints on dealing with the problem of falls. I'm sure others will chime in to help shortly here. You've found a great place to "pick" the brains of many savvy people. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Lynnie2 On 2015.04.02 13:46
Another idea which we have gained recently is a Super Pole for the bathroom.
If he has problems getting in the shower or bathtub these poles can be a great help.
We are renting one right now, but plan to buy it. We just have a shower with a built in seat so it make it easier for my husband.

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