For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Mary556 On 2015.04.09 15:48
Last night I strained my back, knees and arms while lift-assisting my PWP into bed. We've been using this technique for a week or two and it went well up until now. Here is an illustration of "Sitting Up in Bed" that is similar to the move we have used (in reverse)...

This has worked fairly well for us, but my Mom has a fear of falling. Her angle of vision must be such that it feels like I am dropping her. I can understand her hesitancy, but if she resists, we both could be injured. Ideally, Mom hugs her shoulders, we talk about the importance of holding tight and not letting go, she closes her eyes, then we say a prayer out loud while I gently lift her legs up and pivot her. It was surprising to me how easily I could move her weight.

Last night my mother woke up to use the bathroom. I didn't turn on the bright overhead light and didn't notice that at the last minute she had a panic reflex, grabbed onto a bar and dug in so that I could not budge her. Ouch.

I'm thinking that maybe a towel wrapped around her arms would help?
or would that only make her want to flail more to get free?
Does anyone have a helpful hint for this situation?

God bless all PWP's and caregivers.

By Mary556 On 2015.04.29 23:29
Given more thought, I realized that papoosing my mother would be unwise.
I realized that if I put Mom's left hand on her right shoulder, then her right arm across to her left shoulder, then my left arm around her back *and wrap my left hand over her right hand* she is basically Restrained.
But she just feels like I am holding her (which I am).

By Mary556 On 2015.06.18 06:03
next chapter: my Mom has developed a pressure sore on her backside.
it seems to be from pivoting all her weight on that spot, over and over.
what to do to prevent more chafing??

By dans316 On 2015.06.18 11:23

June developed pressure sores on her butt about a year ago. I think they are now under control although the skin on her left buttock is still a little pink. June sleeps on her back and my efforts to get her to turn were ineffective. I finally got an air mattress from Amazon that has a pump with it that continually changes the pressure. Only cost about $50 for mattress and pump and seems to be durable. I also tried a cream called Enuaid($48 for 2 oz), not sure how effective it was because we also started using the mattress about the same time. I now use a cream called Aquaphor, only about $15 for 14 oz. Her PCP suggested using Duoderm bandages but as her sores are not open now, I haven't tried them yet.

It seems there is always a new chapter with PD, June is now experiencing constipation. Her PCP has her on Senokot-s, results not really good, and so the next chapter begins:)

Me Ke Aloha

By Mary556 On 2015.06.18 16:53
Thanks much for all your help, Dan. I'm grateful to learn about those remedies. It is good to know that your dear June found some relief. In the meantime, you gave me another idea... maybe my Mom could sit on an air cushion while she is pivoting into the bed, then I could deflate it and pull it out from under her. I think it is the friction of this particular transfer that is causing the sore for my mother. Mom sleeps on her back as well but did not have a problem with pressure sore before now. Yesterday her home health aide was telling us that these sores could just start out of the blue as someone's skin gets older and more fragile.

My Mom has constipation from time to time as well... once in a blue moon when her dose of dopa was increased, also in the summertime when she needs more hydration. I tried giving her prune juice but it backfired (went to the other extreme). It may be an individual quirk, but my mother seems to stay regular as long as she eats her daily muffin with "better butter" on it. My Dad used to have a problem until he started eating steel cut oats most every morning; that does the trick for him. Sometimes I am able to persuade my Mom to eat half an apple (sliced with peanut butter) for roughage.

Yes, there is always a new chapter, some unknown challenge waiting around the next corner. We have received many graces as well.

God bless all of our PWP's and caregivers.

Me Ke Aloha

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