For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LC On 2015.04.12 08:29
My husband fell after freezing. He didn't hit anything but said he hurt when I tried to get him up. I called 911 and he ended up in the ER. I unfortunately was sick with a nasty stomach virus and not thinking clearly. He was admitted. I was so shocked when I saw him. He couldn't talk, walk, and was incontinent. Later I found out that one nurse felt he was a choking risk and didn't give him his meds. Now he is home and back to his old self. I learned that as caregivers we need to educate medical personnel about PD and how important the timing of meds are and never to skip doses.

By VioletV On 2015.04.12 13:20
Oh yes. this is such an important post.

The Aware in Care kit from the Parkinson's Disease Foundation is a lifesaver.

It's free, and has information for hospital staff about the importance of medications on time every time. I keep one in the car with extra meds, drinking straws and a couple of other essentials.

SO good that you figured out what was wrong and got him home quickly.


By bksquared On 2015.04.12 23:48
Thanks for sharing My husband received that kit. I did not know the contents. It would be important for him to carry the alert card since I doubt he would wear the bracelet.

By Trusting On 2015.04.13 00:31
I am going to sound like a terrible caregiver, however, I try hard to be sure my PWP received his meds on time, but sometimes it just seems impossible. His doctor has never stressed to us the importance of getting them on time. Is this for all Parkinson's medications or just a certain kind. The only thing the doctor has asked us is if I can see a difference in him after he takes his meds. The truth is, I can't. The only time I see huge differences in him is when we don't stay in somewhat of a routine. Traveling, staying in motels, lots of company several days in a row, etc. will make him very confused and tired. I am now wondering if not getting every dose of his meds on time is hurting him in the long run. Thank you for helping me understand.

By LC On 2015.04.14 08:26
Trusting, I knew it was important to get his meds on time and never skip a dose, but I didn't realize how extremely important it is until this happened. Just to let you know he takes sinemet and clozapine (for hallucinations).

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