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By stillunsure On 2015.05.11 12:05
I've read many times on this forum that unless it's medically necessary for a life changing event, PWP should not have surgery requiring anesthesia. My PWP has a bladder stone, which is creating difficulties (some bleeding). 3 different Urologists recommend removing the stone, which would require anesthesia and catheter afterwards. Both he and I are very reluctant. It is disturbing that every specialist we see, including his Neuro, do not want to commit to an opinion. Neuro says "not my area of expertise"...blah, blah.......

Right now, his symptoms have all but disappeared, and I just don't know what to do.

Any opinions?

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.05.11 12:14
Has any specialist suggested using ultra sound? I don't know the exact procedure, however they sometimes use it to break up kidney stones so they pass. It would be worth a question to the doctor. It isn't invasive. Worth a try it think, at least should be considered instead of operating.

By stillunsure On 2015.05.11 13:55
The stone is floating around in his bladder, not his kidney, so there's no pain. When it moves around, it irritates the bladder hence the blood. Doctor's afraid of the stone getting stuck, which will cause back-up, etc... Procedure is called cystoscopy with laser treatment to breakup the stone allowing them to remove it. It's not really surgery and he'll be out in 3-4 hrs. Still unsure.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.05.11 16:13
I know it isn't in the kidney it is in the bladder. What I am saying is the ultra sound IS used in kidney stones and if the procedure is to break it up why don't they try ultra sound to break it up that way there do not have to go in surgically. or cutting with a laser.

By jcoff012 On 2015.05.11 16:37
Al, is it still a problem if he had to have a local if they could use a laser? If I remember, the doctors gave my mom a local before the laser to break up the kidney stones...Of course, that was 24 years ago and pre-treatment there was a lot of excruciating pain...As an aside, the recovery was quick, simple, and painless. Again, this was for kidney stones. but, why not ask!

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.05.12 15:53
Jane that's what I'm saying it doesn't hurt to ask about ultra sound. The less procedure involved, the less invasive, the less we need to worry and less complications that could happen. If ultra sound will do it without cutting then infection from the cutting won't happen. As you said Jane it doesn't hurt to ask. Again as I've stated before the medical field is in it to make money. That's how they pay their bills and salary. But I freely admit after all these years I'm cynical , however like a used car salesperson they try to sell top of the line loaded with extras pricy car and try to convince you that you need that. When a basic model will do.

By carman96 On 2015.05.13 09:17
My husband's neurologist said my husband was not to have any anesthesia at all. I can't believe your husband's neurologist was so vague about it.
Of course my husband has dementia and I think that is the main reason for not having anesthesia.
I have known several people who have had the ultrasound treatment with very good results. I'm curious as to why they didn't offer it as an alternative. Also, any time they use a catheter could cause more problems.
Good luck, hope you get some answers.

By stillunsure On 2015.05.18 14:27
Just saw these updates today.

My husband is having the procedure on Wed. To address some comments, the stone is causing intermittent blockage, urgency and continuous bleeding. It must be removed. Any procedure to remove & breakup the stone will still cause pain, ergo the anesthesia. I've been to 3 different urologists and they all sound exactly alike. (what a surprise)!

There is no dementia (yet), but definitely diminishing cognitive function. Yet, neuro said to go ahead. And yes, I am very concerned about recovery, but don't know what else to do.

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