For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By makrivah On 2015.05.18 09:45
Something new for my Pwp. He has had the jerks and mumbles in his sleep from his earliest days with PD even with Clonazepam, but this is new. When sleeping he yells and swings his arms and legs. Last night he jumped up from a dead sleep in his recliner, stumbled but didn't fall. Hurried to the hall closet and grabbed a golf club. Opened the front door and went outside yelling at someone. (No one there.) he was brandishing the club. he went around the outside of the house looking. I was afraid to approach him. A few minutes went by and he came inside. Calmly put the golf club away. He said he heard me screaming "help me! Help me!" I assured him I had said nothing at all. He went back to his recliner and in a few minutes was asleep.

What was happening? Just PD? Drugs? We've added nothing new. Yikes. My husband is a gentle and kind person. This behavior is beyond abnormal. I must admit I was frightened that he could have hurt me. What was going on? Thoughts anyone?

By jaxrock On 2015.05.18 10:38
oh boy, can I relate to this situation! First of all, of course, tell his doctor asap.
My husband had done these type of things as well in the past...the most recent caused by One Xanax! (not prescribed by his regular docs)
You also can call 911 and the fire dept will be glad to come to your home and settle him down....tell them exactly what is going on, and that he has PD.
Get his doctor involved immediately...
Good Luck.....that is so scary...Be safe!

By jaxrock On 2015.05.18 10:40
and, yes, he could have hurt you...not knowing who you are....and not knowing what he was doing....

By makrivah On 2015.05.18 14:06
Fortunately, his regular neurologist appt is tomorrow. I'm still shaken. He is normal today, like nothing happened. He remembers the whole thing.

By stillunsure On 2015.05.18 14:34
I can't believe he remembers the whole thing. My husband also acts out sometimes. Yells and screams, bangs on the headboard, but never remembers in the morning. He's even fallen out of bed. I have found that Melatonin helps (recommended by the doctor). You can get in the health food store.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.05.18 16:33
Mak, Has he changed or started any new med's lately? Did he have a new med added or tweaked in the past 6 months or year? Sometimes it can take awhile for medicine to build up levels in our systems. As Parkinson's progresses our systems tend to slow down and develop problems. Everything We are is run by our brain right down to each breath we take and every time our hearts beat. Those actions are governed by the autonomic nervous system and are run on auto pilot, these also develop problems in the course of the disease. Ask the Neurologist if They think a blood test is in order, suggest having one done looking for higher than expected levels our the medication and it's components. This should be done every so often anyway because if the systems that process and rid the body of toxins or keep levels steady is having difficulty levels can change and something our bodies readily discarded before can become harder to or slower to void and start to build up. This is just a thought to run by the doctor because normally with a problem presented like the one you describe the first idea to the doctors is what drug can I added to surpress the problem. Glad you have His appointment with the Neuro tomorrow! Keep Us posted and Good Luck at the appointment.

By makrivah On 2015.05.19 20:49
The doctor is eliminating Amantadine starting tomorrow. We are to see how it goes for the next week, hopefully reducing the nightmares, etc. if it doesn't, he may add serequel. Hmmm. Is that a good thing?

No blood test. Doctor said it wasn't necessary.

Al, no new medicines had been added. He's been on steady regime since November.

I was frustrated when we discussed my husband's lack of activity with the doctor. His comments didn't help much: "Of course you are slowing down. You are 70 years old. Don't try to do things you did in your 40s". Heck, I'd be happy if he did anything beyond watching tv.

The clinical nurse strongly suggested a neuropsych exam since she saw signs of depression. Neither his doctor nor the psychchiatrist agreed with her (even though the shrink hadn't laid eyes on him or spoken to him). A conversation with the shrink will be scheduled in November, a regular one year appointment.

I'm disappointed in the outcome of today. Oh well. I'll keep on truckin'. Tomorrow is another day.

Oh, one last thing. The doctor suggested that my Pwp take care of his own medications instead of me taking care of it. Ok. Let's see how that goes. This should be fun.

By carman96 On 2015.05.24 07:12
Wow, kinda sounds like his doctor is a little dismissive. Or a lot. Do you like this Doctor? Is he an MDS?
Why not a blood test, did he explain?
Shouldn't your husband be going to physical therapy? My husband's MDS wants him to go and continue to go. Maybe you can't do things like in your 40s but that doesn't mean giving up exercise.
Why not a psych exam? What could it hurt? Why didn't he listen to the nurse?
I'm so glad I found a new MDS for my husband a few years ago. She really listens and explains everything. She tells me to call or email her if any questions arise between visits. It is awful to go to a doc and then leave wondering if you got your questions answered.
My husband takes Valium and 10 mg. Time release melatonin. He still has some sleep behavior issues but not as bad as before the melatonin. I don't sleep in the same bed with him since I got tired of the thrashing around.
Good luck

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