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By trapper On 2015.05.18 22:31
Has anyone heard anything about a new Parkinson medication called Rytary?

I gather that it is not yet approved in Canada or USA. but is being studied.

By makrivah On 2015.05.18 23:38
Check out.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.05.19 01:13
Trap, you can go online and checkout the press release on it take a look at the side-effects it is a long and scary list. However I'm sure the hype will down play these as big pharmaceutical want to push it for profit. I sure wish they looked as hard and spent as much money to find a cure for us instead of recycling levadopa and ways to take it.

By jsf On 2015.05.19 13:35
I read this forum but rarely think I have anything to add, but I do regarding Rytary. My husband is in his 10th year of PD. He was requiring Sinemet every TWO HOURS around the clock to maintain movement, but he still suffered the dramatic ON and OFF with the start and stop of each dose. He tried every form of adjunct treatment, but they either weren't helpful or he couldn't tolerate them (e.g., Neupro, Tasmar, etc., etc.,) We had learned Rytary was being approved for U.S. and we were in line to get it. Our life had become so controlled by the pill timer we couldn't go anywhere or get 4 hrs sleep at a time. He has now been using Rytary since early March and we wouldn't go back to Sinemet for his situation. He takes Rytary only 5x a day - 3am, 8am, 12:30pm, 5pm and 10pm. This schedule gives him a more level real dosage, since Rytary is a controlled release formulation of levadopa/carbadopa that is MUCH more reliable and effective than CR Sinemet (which didn't help him). He doesn't have dramatic ON and OFF periods and our life and sleep has resumed some "normalcy." It's not perfect, of course. It took a while for his doctor and us to determine the right dose and timing. The body's adjustment was not overnight. He still gets fatigued during the day, requiring an afternoon nap, and is exhausted by 9-9:30 each night. He still relies on canes or a walker at all times, but we are getting out more because the fear of freezing in the middle of a store, etc., is removed.

So, talk with your doctor. It might fit your needs. Side effects of Rytary match side effects of Sinemet. It is expensive, we had to appeal to get insurance to pay, though only partially. For us, the expense is justified.

By mylove On 2015.05.20 08:05
Thanks for the tip and the explanation. We will keep this on our radar. Right now the Sinemet CR is one of the ways he's able to sleep through the night. Since it's the same drug with just a new delivery system, side effects should be the same as the old drug, which we are tolerating.

I'm on the other side of the fence on new delivery methods for the old drugs. Right now, it's what we have that we know works, and I'm overjoyed to have them tweak them so that they work a little better/more consistently. We have to remember that just because these are what we are seeing come out as "new" doesn't mean that they're not exploring new drugs or other options, it simply means that this research team working on this project finished their project first.

As far as extended or controlled release medications, our discovery of Requip XL meant a return to quality of life after years of debilitating misery for my husband. We will be everlastingly grateful to the MDS that first suggested it. Glad to hear someone's found something that works for them!

By mylove On 2015.10.12 20:29
Update: our neuro now recommends Rytary for us, too. Stay tuned...

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