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By jcoff012 On 2015.06.14 16:39
We got back from Las Vegas yesterday and all is well...It took a great deal of planning and a few extra expenses, but we had a nice anniversary week!

We upgraded our coach seats when we got to the airport which gave us extra room and allowed us first boarding...I highly recommend that! Next, we ate dinners early, so he remembered to take his meds on time. we had zero alcohol--a Las Vegas first for us both...but neither of us had to worry about drug reactions!

We rented a condo at the far end of the Strip so that we had a full kitchen for breakfasts and a washer and dryer, so were were able to pack lightly.

Several servers/waiters were extremely kind and helpful though they never let Carl know they told me at one point that his Dad had PD...he made several good recommendations for food.

Carl has always loved cars and since I am not allowed to drive for awhile, I convinced him to upgrade to a black 2016 Camaro convertible with everything on it and he had a blast! Said he hasn't felt so free in years! Caused quite a stir at traffic lights! He was all smiles! I loved seeing my "19 year old" husband again (our first car was a convertible).

Because we ate regularly, slept a lot, walked a great deal, etc., it was a relaxing, easy time...One thing that came out of this was his acceptance of help...he now uses the handicapped placard and parking spots, asked about and accepted early entry to the plane, and seems to know that time is running out for long trips like by taking it easy and not overdoing, we had a marvelous he called it..our "new normal" is in place.

One thing we did notice was that the extreme heat really bothered was never under 90, and more often, was over 100...made planning more stringent, but doable...

Happy 48th anniversary to us! And many more! Glad we went! Jane

By Trusting On 2015.06.14 18:01
I'm so glad you were able to make and enjoy your trip. Our traveling days are over. Just too hard on me (having to drive plus do everything else) and too hard on him b/c it takes too long to recover. I'm seeing his dementia starting to take a real toll. With that said, I smiled as I read your post. So very happy you were able to do this.

By dans316 On 2015.06.15 07:45
Happy 48th to you and Carl, glad you had a great trip and I know you're looking forward to the return to Hawaii. June and I are also no longer able to travel although sometimes I think maybe we could do it, but then reality sets in.

Me Ke Aloha

By ResistanceFutil On 2015.06.15 11:31
Sounds like a great, fun trip! Encouraging!

By bksquared On 2015.06.16 00:00
So glad you could celebrate after the stress and health issues you have had this year. Travel is exhausting but the stimulation of new experiences seems to bring out the best in what can be done and not what I can't do in my PWP husband. It creates new memories that can be recalled and discussed upon our return. It keeps his mind active rather than sitting alone in the house. It takes him longer to recover from time zone changes. But so far there seem to be more benefits to travel except for the extra stress and exhaustion I feel since I must do it all. But to celebrate milestones at this point in life has taken on more importance. Good for the two of you.

By umajane On 2015.06.16 00:28
I'm so glad it went well for you. It seems like you really planned very well.. Now you have created more memories. Congratulations

By mylove On 2015.06.23 20:48
Jane....I haven't popped on here in some time so I've missed quite a bit, I see! So glad you guys had a good time! We are doing a business trip for several days to Austin in August (read: ninth circle of Heat Hell). Lol. Hopefully it will go well. We are looking forward to it.

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