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By Lynnie2 On 2015.06.17 15:55
This has nothing to do with being a caregiver, but you know how things go during the day and this is something that hasn't happened before but thought you'd get a laugh over my crazy experience today.
I was going to get gasoline at the gas station and I pulled up almost to the tank but the woman that runs the station was working around the tanks and came up to the car and asked me if I was paying in cash because the debit machines were being changed.
I wasn't paying cash and so started backing up to get out of the way, but the last minute decided it would be better to just drive by the tanks and around to get out.
I drove through and heard a strange noise under the car...... and wondered what on earth was dragging, so I stopped.
The woman came over and said that I just drove over the pylon......... I honestly didn't see it as I guess I was too close to it at the time.
Anyway, it was really stuck under the car so she went to get something to dislodge, and came back with a broom, but in the meantime a guy came over and got under the car and pulled it out.
The pylon was still in one piece and not even damaged.
Thank God everything was okay, but it just made me stressed...........
however, I thought I'd give you all a laugh..........:)
I was just wondering if a person ever drove over a pylon when going faster, what would happen as sometimes those things are very near cars by construction sights.
Anyway, hope you day was better than mine.......:)

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