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By michele On 2015.08.29 08:35
Has anyone dealt with your loved one refusing their medications? My Dad has been saying for a while now he's going to stop taking his. It's too much trouble! Well last night my sister was with him and he refused. Had her look them all up and tell him (again) what they were for. Then he picked two that he would take. Refused the rest. His dementia is getting worse and worse, so I don't know if it's that, paranoia or if deep down he's giving up. Praying it's a blip on the screen and will be different today.

By Mary556 On 2015.08.31 02:51
Yes. My Mom's reason was that she was having much trouble to swallow her pills. We were sometimes spending an hour trying to take just the bedtime meds and it was very stressful for all of us. We began to crush pills and mix them with applesauce but Lipitor cannot be crushed. My mother got to the point that she could not take it any more. I feared that she would choke or that she would hit me. I checked with Dr's office and that was it. The good thing for us was that my mother's doctor had been reducing her dose gradually and she was at a low dose when she stopped. Hopefully the dietary changes we have made will be enough to keep her cholesterol in a good range.

After awhile swallowing applesauce became difficult as well. My mother would often hold it in her mouth for 30 minutes or an hour. My heart breaks for her because she really is trying and it is so difficult every day new challenges. My Dad suggested crushing Mom's pills and mixing with apple *juice* instead. We've been doing this for several weeks and it is working very well.

Best wishes and prayers for your Dad and your family, Michele.
God bless all of our PWPs and caregivers.

By Lynnie2 On 2015.08.31 09:50
My husband hasn't refused to take his meds, but was having problems swallowing his vitamin pill as they are so large and if I cut it in half, it tasted terrible.
I finally got some gummy vitamins which have different flavours, so he enjoys taking them.
I don't know what to tell you about your dad. It is very stressful for you when they start doing this.
I hope he changes his mind and you can eventually get him to continue taking them as they are important.
I know some pills can cause side affects and my husband is having hallucinations which I believe come from the pills (Sinemet). Thank God he doesn't have those hallucinations all of the time.

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