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By Trusting On 2015.08.31 20:32
Although I have been a member of this forum for several years I don't post very often. I do read the post and didn't realize that I really do feel a bond with all of you.

I was so saddened (really saddened) when I learned that Jane had passed and now Jaxrock's husband is passing. Even though we know this is coming I can't express how much it affected me.

Thank you friends for just being there. It helps so much.

By mylove On 2015.09.01 09:41
I agree. I've quit posting, because I always seem to say something wrong and my opinions aren't worth very much because my husband is for the most part doing well. But I'm here nearly every day, checking in on those who have become unwitting friends. For each person that passes, it's a double loss, as the partners who we have become so familiar with very rarely come back to here. As it should means they're moving on into the next phases of their lives.

I'm awkward with tragedy. I never know what to say or how to express things eloquently, so I don't say much. But I second your sentiment.... I care about those of you who are here in this storm alongside us.

By Mary556 On 2015.09.01 14:10
mylove, just for the record, I've never heard you say anything wrong! on the contrary. your insights have been very helpful to me. when I see a post with your name on it, I look forward to reading because I know I will learn something and come away a better caregiver.

I feel a certain attachment to everyone here. There is a bond of understanding. We have walked a mile in each other's shoes. I am grateful for all the help and good ideas you all have given me. Someday if I am grieving I might not be able to talk but imagine I would still come back to read and see how everyone is doing. Yes, when a spouse or loved one of one of our members passes, it makes me cry as well. June especially has a place in my heart.

God bless all of our PWPs and caregivers.

By lurkingforacure On 2015.09.01 21:07
I feel the same way as well. I have never met any of you here, I know I most likely never will, yet somehow your pain and grief and frustration is mine, and I feel heartbroken when I read that yet another beloved spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, has passed away from PD. Maybe because I know that is in my future, and I am grieving proactively, so it won't hurt as much when it happens to me (yea, right), who knows.

I am so very grateful to everyone here who bravely bares their soul so that the rest of us don't feel so isolated or alone. I am grateful for the time and effort each caregiver puts into his or her posts, when time and energy are in such short supply It is hard when someone leaves the forum, but I understand as well.

And ironically, as I try to type what is a for me a highly emotional gut-wrenching post, my youngest is nagging me incessantly for my attention, and I am reminded of the Jekyll-Hyde life that I live.

Thank you everyone for being here:)

By mksilton On 2015.09.01 21:07
I've posted very little but have always appreciated this forum. My mother died last month, but I still stop by to see what's going on. Thanks to all who offered help without knowing it.

By makrivah On 2015.09.01 21:27
I too have become dependent on the caring and insightful input from our forum members. As the posts track the downward spiral of our PWPs, my heart aches for the caregiver and other loved ones. I can't help but project these emotions into our own future, it's part of the inevitable process of grief. I check the forum daily and pray for all of you nightly.

By jcoff012 On 2015.09.01 22:16
I cried for several days about June. Dan, June and I will always share our love of Hawaii...she was a special, sweet lady and Dan stands out as a beacon for caregivers.

Good friends always care...I consider a friend I met 29 years ago online as one of my dearest friends, and always will. Distance does not matter...may we all stay the course. Love and hugs, Jane

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