For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By olpilot On 2015.09.04 02:21
We had a very successful first season working in the KOA campground. I will admit for me it was a summer of adjustments. My main job was cleaning up a trailer court connected to the campground. A job I think made up for me so my wife could work a split shift, morning breakfast buffet and the evening ice cream social. I drove around picking up yard and tree clippings and swept the streets in the court. Along ways from where I was. I will admit to feeling less of who I thought I was, but as the summer progressed it became somewhat less important.

I found as the summer went on I was feeling weaker and it was hard just to lift my arms, which bother me because 2 of my dr's had made a suggestion of MSA. This scares me because of what it is and what it means, but no matter how I try or what I do it's haunting me. The only thing is that when I get off my regular pill schedule I feel terrible and they say with MSA carbo/levedopa is does not help much. I don't know if just feeling sick is the same thing but I know it's harder to move and so much harder to do anything, but when I get back on schedule I at least feel like I can function. My handwriting has gotten so bad it is embarrassing. I had to leave my supervisor a note and it looked like a 3rd grader had written it. It must look to them like I was drunk or something. Every night I work on my time sheet I have to explain what I did that evening. If I just write with out concentrating I cannot spell but the letters are about right, if I try to spell out correctly the letters are all miss formed.

Other than that it has been a good experience for us both. We are going home in a few days, we have a reunion with the airline people we used to work with, and will see family for the first time since May 1st, we except for a brief and very expensive trip back to Minnesota for my brother in laws funeral. My last surviving uncle on my dads side of the family died just as we got back to Montana, I felt terrible but could not make it back again. This winter we will be near Tucson for the winter at another KOA. There I will be grilling steaks from Dec 1 to April 15th. We will see how this all goes, if ok then it will be on to Nova Scotia for next summer. That is as far out as we have planned. Thinking a season off will be in the works by then.

I know this is a caregiver site but some know me here as I used to put in my 2 cents worth, from the other side. I haven't kept up very well, I have kind of been trying to "forget". But you can't, it is here every minute of everyday. I hope all are well. We will be at a KOA called something like Pinchato Hieghts, my wife knows the name but she is snoring beside me and would kill me if I woke her for the name.....8). If anyone can come by please do. My wife will be in the kitchen setting up plates and such, I will be outside burning beef.

By bksquared On 2015.09.05 00:26
You should be proud that you did so much at the campground. You did not let PD rob you of a meaningful life. As per our movement specialist, the more your brain is challenged by a change of environment and stimuli the more dopamine is produced. My husband complains that he feels fuzzy like he is drunk all the time. Forget about his handwriting. It looks more like Japanese brushstrokes then English-language letters. Even a magic decoder ring does not help. LOL Somehow what you wrote was understood. We are going to be spending the winter in Saddlebrooke AZ which is close to the KOA in Picacho Peak. My husband is anxious to meet another PD person so we will seek you out. I like my steak cooked rare. Keep moving, going, and experiencing all you can. Your actions will give you benefits beyond medicines. Congratulations on your successful season.

By olpilot On 2015.09.08 02:16
There is nothing that would give me more pleasure than to meet!! I only hope I can cook as good as I think I can. My wife likes rare which I get right most of the time.

By SparkysGal On 2015.09.11 08:53
I've really enjoyed following your adventures on Facebook!

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