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By Lynnie2 On 2015.09.04 09:39
We finally got back to the speech therapist this week. We had to cancel the appointments last fall because of Wayne's cancer in the lung.
We had to get another referral since she closed the file, so took a while to get back in again.
She thought we were there for another swallowing assessment but I just wanted her to give him speech therapy. She wasn't prepared for the entire speech therapy as the room where they use a computer wasn't available.
She did the swallowing assessment again since she had the food ready and also gave him some voice exercises for him to do and we'll see her again in 2 weeks. He doesn't have any problems swallowing so that's good.
She can't help him with finding words, but just trying to get him to raise his voice so we can hear him better. Finding words and trying to tell us what he wants to say is very stressful for him.
It is up to me to help him with the therapy during the week.
We started yesterday, but only did it for a short time as he was taxed over just that amount of time doing them.

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