For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By makrivah On 2015.09.07 11:52
My husband just passed the 10 years since diagnosis anniversary. As the books and articles state, manifestations will become more pronounced. How true. I assume (and I know assumptions are often wrong) that this is at least partly to his meds not working as efficiently as before. It seems like in a matter of three months he's gone downhill to the point where people are really noticing the difference when they see and talk to him. At home, we have multiple incidents every day. I understand that each person has their unique journey, but is that 10-year point a typical demarcation for progression?

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.09.07 17:05
Mak, I would not say any time line is a set demarcation point. I realize many caregivers read them and use them as a kind of guide as to where and what's happening. We are all different myself and others are way past the typical point you are talking about. He could need tweaking of med's. I don't read or look at time lines for progression I was diagnosed in 1986 that said I have no idea where the books or articles would place me or my disease. The medicines not working as efficiently as before hints that they may need adjustment if possible. The disease keeps on slowly killing the cells that produce dopamine. L-dopa (Sinemet) is taken to replace the lost dopamine. and as the shortage continues to grow more is needed to replace that which is not being made. It is hard to expliane but say X amount is gone and being replaced by medicine, over time more is not being naturally made so we have X plus Y missing and our med's are adjusted to balance that out replacing X&Y amount now (the medicine is just as efficient however more is needed to replace the more lost) then over time more cells cease to function and we're short X&Y and now also Z amount and medicine increases trying to balance it out. No one can say just how fast or slow Each person will lose these brain cells and what medicine the individual will need in what amount on any timeline. At most they are a vague guess as to what or when increments of progression might occur. Bring his changes up with his Neurologist so They can decide if adjustments are needed. Take care, Good luck and hang in there

By makrivah On 2015.09.08 08:43
Thank you, Al. Wise words. I try to ignore stages as best I can. I still wonder as time goes by if the symptoms progress more rapidly. But, then I must remember that each PWP is on his/her private journey. In my husband's case, at the 10 year mark the decline is markedly faster. I'll insist that the meds be tweaked at his next doctor appointment.

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