For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sosad25 On 2015.10.13 11:34
Does anyone have any suggestions regarding incontinence aids? 6 days out of 7 I have to completely wash all the bed linens including the mattress cover. My husband wears depends both day and night. I put pads/towels etc. on top of the sheet and between the mattress cover and sheet but this still does not help. My husband does call me to get up in the night time but regardless he also seems to have accidents while he is sleeping. Does anyone have any familiarity with the condom catheters? Do they work and would they help us both just sleep through the night? Are there specific brands that are better?
We are finally going to our new MDS on 10/26 and I'm definitely going to
bring this issue up.

Thank you everyone!

By umajane On 2015.10.13 16:44
Do the pads have plastic on one side?? Maybe they make them bigger to protect the sheets. Just a thought

By Sheridan On 2015.10.13 18:01
My husband has used condom catheters at night for the last 3 years. Rarely have any leakage problems once he got the right size. Also saves me from getting up multiple times a night as he cannot get to bathroom on his own.

By Sheridan On 2015.10.13 18:05
Husband uses coloplast brand. You can order online and they will send a sizer and free samples. He uses with 1000cc. Overbite bag and you can also get smaller leg bags for daytime. We use during the day when will be away from house and unsure about access to "family" bathroom facilities...

By sosad25 On 2015.10.19 17:59
Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond.
The past week has not been the best. There are just so many issues and challenges. Some the same, some new, some getting worse, etc. I wish I could say some getting better. 7 more days until our appointment with the new Neurologist/MDS. I know there will be no miracle but maybe something positive will happen.
Take Care

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