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By stillunsure On 2015.10.19 14:32
Forgive me if I've already posted this, but my PWP seems to be getting worse. If he steps into a darkened room (like a movie theatre) he is almost completely blind. His eyes don't seem to adjust for quite a while. The other night (his room is not totally dark), he couldn't locate his bed even though it's not really a big room. His eyes have been checked and no problems found.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this latest symptom.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.10.19 16:48
Still, Many of us experience problems with our eyes, tremor and such. Also what you describe is part of our autonomic nervous system (functions our bodies do without thinking about, like heart beat and breathing, blood pressure.) our eyes have trouble jumping from dark to light and light to dark. Like a cameras lens with auto focus our eyes pupil widens and contracts to regulate the amount of light let in. With Parkinson's there can be a hitch in our get along a delay with our iris and pupil focusing and regulating the amount of light entering. Years ago when my children were young I made a spectacular entrance into the movies once with them. The movie complex had various seating arrangements from theater to theater. The one we entered had a row of two seats along the wall and the main seating in the middle of the room. We walked in and I walked right into the last row of center seats and toppled right over them! It was a quick lesson and one well remembered to stop and wait until my eyes adjusted to the dark before taking any more steps. Just another one of the nasty surprises or gifts Parkinson's has in store for Us. Hope this helps have him stop and give it a minute or two before preceding.

By umajane On 2015.10.20 00:47
My husband has all kinds of problems with his eyes as well. Dark rooms and the movie theater are very difficult. We have flashlights by his bedside.
Some days he does not see the food on his plate other times he is fine I notice that he is not really watching the TV again sometimes only listening.
When I drive he sees everything..he is a great backseat driver. Can't believe how this goes in and out.
IN 2 weeks we finally have an appointment with a Neuro-Opthalmologist. We have waited over 3 months for this appointment at Stanford. It will be a 4 hour appointment. I hope they can help in some way.

By stillunsure On 2015.10.21 10:49
It does make sense, especially since his PD doctor said his MSA is progressing. I will definitely make sure he goes slower into the movie so he doesn't slam into the wall anymore. I'm just glad he still wants to go.

By lurkingforacure On 2015.10.21 18:06
We have issues with nighttime vision too and my solution was to buy those night lights you plug into the wall outlet. The ones I got only come on when the sun goes down and motion is detected. They stay on as long as motion is detected and for 90 seconds after the motion stops. They have been very helpful for us and I have them everywhere. Of course, the pets set them off as well!

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.10.21 21:30
Umajane, you have piqued my interest. Your description of your husbands seeing and not seeing his food on his plate at times and his back seat driving. How his seeing seems to come and go at times. I am wondering if he might be having some hallucinations? Not full blown chairs walking and talking or people who are not there hallucinations, rather the out of the corner of you eye type. Like shoes by the door where'd that cat come from oh it's a shoe type? Which if so it might explain food on the plate thing. I know if I wasn't trusting what I was seeing I'd rather sit there and be asked aren't you hungry or eat your food is getting cold then be questioned what are you doing with your fork there's no food on your plate and seeing the fear and panic on your face. It can be a touchy subject to bring up. You know him well enough to coax it out of him without any uproar I'm sure. If I had any suggestion it would be along the lines of watching t.v. at night and something like huh, the way the lights from that car that just went by for a second it looked like a cat was sitting on the window sill kind of thing where he could say that happens to me sometimes. I maybe way off on this but it might be pretty close. If this is happening the neurologist could adjust his medication maybe to help.

By umajane On 2015.10.22 19:31
Thank you those are great ideas... We have appointments coming up so I will ask the never know I sure can"t figure this out!!!

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