For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By olpilot On 2015.11.17 01:25
It has been an amazing summer, alot of travel, and now we are in Az for the winter. We are at the KOA in Picacho Peak, we start cooking on Dec 2, and go till April 15. I am very nervous about the stamina it will take to work 5, 6 hour days a week. But I still love to grill hopefully I still will at the end of the winter. My wife will take care of the kitchen, making fries, baked potatoes, salads and such. I will grill chickens and steaks on an outdoor wood fired grill. We will live in our motor home just behind the restaurant. We met some of the folks today and start training in a couple of days. We are very excited about this new challenge in our life. This so far has been good for us, this damn disease just takes and takes but I feel at least to be fighting back some. There are bits of time I can almost forget I have it. Bits, if only I didn't get so tired so easy.

By bksquared On 2015.11.21 01:04
We will be in Saddlebrooke AZ at the end of Dec through May. We will drive over to find you. Speaking with others who are on a PD journey seems to help. Are your days off during the week or weekends?

By olpilot On 2015.11.23 01:48
Our days off are Monday and Tuesday, and we also enjoy meeting others going through this. We had formed a support group with in a year of my diagnosis which unfortunately fell apart when we hit the road, but those meetings were the highlight of our month for over 2 years. We look forward to meeting, and I have it on high authority that the steaks here are well worth the trip.

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