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By Lynnie2 On 2015.11.26 13:31
Well I had my first accident yesterday after 52 years of driving, but I didn't hit any other car or anyone.
I was doing a good deed too by taking the food from our church to the Food Bank in another church where the food bank is located.
When pulling into the parking lot, I didn't see the high sidewalk on the right of me and drove into it.
It damaged the bumper and took a little paint off, so it will cost over $1,000. I am paying it out of pocket as I don't want to waste the one time waiver for fault insurance. God willing I will never need it, but it didn't make sense to have the insurance pay for it and I have to pay the first $500 anyway.
My husband wasn't too upset, but he leaves everything up to me now so didn't even question me about getting it fixed or how. I take thing into my own hands now.........
I had an appointment for servicing the car right after I was at the church so they told me how much the bumper underneath was damaged and gave me a name of a man who fixes cars so I took it to him afterwards. He will do it next week and I need to leave it 2 days.
It could have been worse and it happens to everybody. Have to be more careful..............such is life.......

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