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By RobinWilliams On 2015.12.02 16:23
My husband was taking 11/2 tabs carbo dopa 5 times a day. Today Dr. Reduced it to 1 mg 5 times a day. Is less better?

By sosad25 On 2015.12.02 18:43
I think each case is individual but we were at my husband's new MDS yesterday and she intends to reduce his sinemet and comtan at our next visit. He is currently on the dose your husband was on. She is reducing another medication that he is taking first. But her intention is to reduce the comtan and sinemet at the beginning of February. My husband has had parkinson's for 21 1/2 years.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.12.02 19:17
Robin, I can't really say what's the reason with the lowering dosage. Based on what you say my thought is maybe he is sensitive to the medication? Is he having a lot of dyskineshia (involuntary movement)? If so the lowering of the dosage may be a way of trying to address this side-effect some people experience from the medicine. This is my guess based on the limited information. I hope this helps.

By Lynnie2 On 2015.12.03 09:51
My husband takes 2 - 100/25 mg. four times per day.
He was having hallucinations and our family doctor thought by reducing the 8 p.m. dosage by 1 pill, it might help.
Well we tried reducing it by just half a pill to start but after 3 days, his mobility was worse.
He is in his 9th year of PD and been on 8 pills almost all this time.
The MDS said that you can't fool around with this pills at this point, but we see him again next year, so will tell him what our doctor suggested.
He doesn't have hallucinations all of the time, but you never know.
The doctor doesn't want to increase the Sinemet because if you increase now and in the future when it is needed more, it won't work as well.

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