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By bksquared On 2015.12.05 08:24
My PWP husband has always been lean and thin. However, recently he has been losing weight. We monitor his food intake to insure he is consuming more than enough calories in a day, added a mid-afternoon and after dinner snack, and have added Boost or Ensure to his diet. However the slow and steady weight loss continues, now about 15 pounds over 6-8 months. Since he has a slowed metabolism and bowel action, the food should be around enough for absorption. Maybe one of the meds is coating his gut so absorption is reduced. Going to speak to his Neuro this week. BUT anyone else going through this and what was your course of action?

By Lynnie2 On 2015.12.05 09:37
My husband has also lost weight in the last 4 years. He lost about 40 pounds and I thought it was the cancer he had in his lung.
A year ago he started coughing up mucous and a year ago they discovered a large mass on his lower right lobe. It was removed and the coughing stopped.
However, he was still loosing weight.
He still eats the same as he did but not as much for breakfast as he isn't that hungry for it anymore.
I think it's just the PD that causes the weight loss. The doctor has suggested the instant breakfast and I've tried Ensure, but he doesn't like it.
My husband also gets constipated easy so he takes 2 prunes each day instead of the stool softeners which bothered his stomach.

By LOHENGR1N On 2015.12.05 12:00
Bk, you really should have the Neuro or his pcp set you up with a nutritionist. Weight loss is common with Parkinson's Disease. You mentioned you monitor his caloric intake. I don't know what activity level you rate him at (activity versus calories)? Living with P.D. is likened to preforming moderate exercise throughout the day. Not only because of tremor but even trying to move with muscle stiffness, sometimes even just breathing as our lungs expand and contract more effort and strength is use to move those many muscles in the chest and surrounding the ribs.

One way I like to look at it is we all know in medical books they have the drawing of the bodies? Then when you turn the page and it shows the bodies muscle groups without the skin on? When we look at say the thigh it is a group of strands of separate muscles, these work in unison in healthy people with P.D. not so much so we have to expend energy to get them all working at once, kind of like a delayed action. It is the same with all the muscles in our bodies they can receive delayed or faulty messages so we exert more energy than "normal" people to move. So our caloric intake may need to be increased. A nutritionist can help figure out the amount of increase or frequency for snacks during the day. I hope this helps take care, best of luck and hang in there

By umajane On 2015.12.06 10:14
My husband snacks on a assortment of nuts and raisins all day..He loves cashews and pecans. Ice cream is on the agenda daily...I use extra hidden calories whenever I can in every meal. He lost about 10-15 pounds but is holding steady and even gaining a bit. His neuro said not to worry that is better to be a bit lighter. He weighs about 180.. He is very picky but I do my best each day for him....Now I am trying to lose weight so we are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

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