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By EachDay On 2015.12.18 21:59
I spend much time every day looking for misplaced items. There was mention of TrackR with an aside that there might be better products out there. What is everyone using to help find those items around the house?

By VioletV On 2015.12.19 12:45
Here is a link to an article about different ones, including price.
In general they rely on bluetooth or WiFi to find an article.

TrackR works between your cell phone with the TrackR app and the item with the TrackR device. And with crowd sourcing out in the world (which means, if you lost your wallet with a TrackerR in it, then anyone walking/driving by it who also has an active TrackR on them would have it detected (anonymously) and its location would be relayed to your phone.

I don't use it as much as I expected to, but then I've gotten better about keeping up with my stuff. For me the limit is that I live in a small town in Maine and there aren't enough TrackR users here to make the crowd location part effective.


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