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By ResistanceFutil On 2016.01.14 11:23
Sunday evening after my husband's speech went haywire (aphasia) we went to the hospital thinking he'd had a TIA. An MRI showed a stroke, although with no obvious residual defects.

My husband's blood pressure fluctuates between 80/60 to 190/105 on a daily basis. He has been diagnosed with MSA and his blood pressure is very difficult to control.

His LDL is normal, but he was put on a statin and also Plavix even though it does not reduce chances for a stroke. Two new Meds for little or no benefit, but hopefully will do no harm or have side effects. There is a history of stroke in his family and the wildly fluctuating blood pressure doesn't help.

He's now also been prescribed a blood pressure lowering med, to balance out his blood pressure raising med. His MDS has asked him to come in Monday and hopefully help sort out this whack-a-mole situation.

The slope has become a bit more slippery I'm afraid.

By VioletV On 2016.01.14 11:52
How scary. So sorry that this new thing has has happened to him/to you.

Hang in there!

By Mary556 On 2016.01.15 14:56
Best wishes and prayers for your husband and yourself. It doesn't rain but it pours.
Hope all will go well for you both.

By moonswife On 2016.01.17 08:23
Oh, no, how stressful for you. I am sure you are like other caregivers...trying to look composed while shaking inside...hoping this new turn of events is one more thing you can handle. I, too, have taken Mike to the ER thinking stroke or TIA was a possibility, even a heart attack last time. The heart attack turned out to be a broken rib and the TIA was his DBS turned off by Costco security scanner. Be careful in this winter weather with the extra needed Dr visits. Use a cab if necessary. A hug for you.

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