For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sippwriter On 2016.01.29 12:25
I am wondering if any one has experienced this. Over the past year Kathy has not been sleeping in her bed, but on the couch in the living room. She has complained that the bed is not comfortable (it is well over 10 years old) and it is hard for her to get in and out of bed. I have noticed that she has two pillows propped against the arm of the couch and she sleeps slightly sitting up.

I have looked at numerous PD websites and some have suggested that adjustable beds along with silk or sateen sheets and silk bedclothes help. They say that it helps with the ability to turn over, the sheets and bedclothes help with the getting in and out of the bed. Her doctor has not had any experience with this but is interested in how it works for her.

Yesterday we purchased an adjustable bed base and mattress. While the sales person processed the paperwork Kathy was able to use the bed and got a feel how it would feel in different positions. She found that a slightly raised head was more comfortable than when flat.

Has any one had a similar experience? What issues have you found with the adjustable bed?

By makrivah On 2016.01.29 19:17
We have no experience with adjustable beds, but the recliner does the trick for my husband. He can and does sleep there all night.

Silky pjs are a Godsend. He loves them

By moonswife On 2016.01.30 07:05
Not ready yet emotionally for a hospital bed, but facing the same challenges you did we bought two XL twin I comfort beds. We are using them pushed together. We cover them with one King spread. I can raise the head of his bed to help him take pills, or the foot of his bed to reduce water retention in feet when summer was hot. I like to read or use my laptop in sitting position in mine, without disturbing him. If I ever had to be in hospital, or away for a night they can be on different walls and a caregiver can be close at hand to help him. He has such a whispery voice you could not hear from another room even with a baby monitor. These are also easy to make up. This chilly winter we are using soft plush blankets as top sheets. Feels like you are sleeping in belly of a stuffed animal.

By LC On 2016.02.01 14:05
One of the first items that I purchased for my husband was an adjustable bed. I bought the flattest mattress and had them put the legs of the bed as low as possible. It works wonderfully. He cannot lay flat due the curve in his back. I put a pillow under his head, help him lay down, then raise the head of the bed until he is comfortable. When it is time for him to get up in the morning, I raise the head of the bed until he is in a sitting position. Then I swing his legs off the bed and on the floor. It has saved my back.

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