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By lurkingforacure On 2016.02.08 13:00
Does anyone else have this? It is so odd. My husband will stand in the same place in our house for up to an hour, just standing there, looking around. I wouldn't care except that he is now using a cane and to see him standing there, wobbly and looking all around, makes me nervous. I will ask him if he needs something, is he looking for something, etc., but he always says no. Sometimes I get brave and ask why he is standing there, and he will just say "I'm on my way to (fill in the blank)" but he still stands there. I ask if he is stuck and he always says no. This is really unnerving for our kids as they will be trying to do their homework, read, etc. and he is standing over them, not talking or doing anything. It doesn't help that I can't explain what it is.

I'm wondering if he is forgetting what he was going to do, or where he was going to go? Does he get up and then just get overwhelmed by all the things around him (the sofa, chairs, pictures on the wall)? Does he get distracted by what he sees outside the windows? I've not read anywhere about this particular symptom and don't know how to help. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks:)

By LOHENGR1N On 2016.02.11 14:16
Lurking, you sure come up with some stumpers. I don't know exactly what is going on with the standing. If it's not a freeze, I'd try checking with His neurologist. Having reread your post for about the 20th time I've got a couple of thoughts. Of course the first is always has he had med's added or adjusted recently but skipping over that for later. It sounds like it might be either loss of or not being aware of time? Or it could possibly even sleep walking? I'm not sure, sleep walkers will get up and kind of just stand there at times looking around. And we know our drugs play with our minds at times so He could be in the process of doing or going to do something and have stopped for a minute only his concept of time is altered. So he doesn't realize that he hasn't stopped just for a minute but it has been 30 minutes that he's been standing there. He can't tell the difference. Does he mostly arrive late when you have dinner? Is he habitually late when things are going on? Maybe it is the way the disease/medication effects him. We all have different side-effects to medication hidden within the "normal" side-effects.

If one is called for something and their concept of time is altered well they may believe it's been a few minutes when it has been way longer. When he shows up he is then in trouble. As caregivers you have to be a walking encyclopedia of P.D. and sorting out side-effects along with keeping family running and the mental complications. Otherwise the risk is there to jump to the conclusion that he won't socialize with you and your family or the children harboring thoughts that he doesn't even want to go with them or eat with them. Also Ican see where the children would freak over Dad just standing staring at them. Try running this by the Doctor or nurse but make sure they have time to sit and listen to your concerns, bring up this standing seemingly lost in time. Or loss of concept of time passing. Many times professionals will listen to a point and dismiss or give credit to a theory based on what they've learned, however with more and more young onset patients more side-effects and problems they never were told in school are popping up. As for changes or tweaks in med's it can take months for the side-effects to show up as the medicines reach their full therapeutic levels. I hope this helps and gets you on the path of ferreting out his porblem and helps You and the Children deal with it better.

By Lynnie2 On 2016.02.16 11:24
My husband get confused as to where is and if it's night time he''ll use a large flashlight to look around every corner.

By Busymom On 2016.02.25 15:32
Hi, I am newly registered here, but I have been reading these posts for some time, and I have to say, Lurkingforacure, you and I are in the exact same situation, I totally feel for all your issues...they are my exact same issues too!
I am younger than most on here I imagine, and my husband is too, and we too have young children...our house is the same, with the meanness especially to the's intolerable, I don't know what to do...the constant bickering, the kids feeling he doesn't like them most of the time, his constant demand the kids be quiet etc. Not to mention the fact I have to do everything for everyone plus work a full time job...
It is a miserable situation for everyone. Completely not where I thought our lives would be at this stage (he was diagnosed when our youngest was a baby). This disease just wrecks everything! As we all know :(
And he does do the standing thing, I will find him just standing there staring off into space...among so many other things.
Well anyway, thanks for listening :)

By LOHENGR1N On 2016.02.25 19:13
Another thing that might be happening is freezing. I remember years ago bringing up to my Neurologist that at times I'll be watching tv and go to get up and it's like my feet are glued to the carpet, I cannot move them. The Doc said it is a form of freezing when this happens. It's hard sometimes to get everything down when questions arise because I've been so damn long with this disease...awhile ago someone was asking for hints with dressing and a caregiver suggested buttoning shirt part way up and slipping it over the head. As I read that it reminded me that I do that all the time but I've been doing it for so long it never occurred to me that others didn't. but that's the way of this beast I guess. So don't discount freezing, hope it helps.

By lurkingforacure On 2016.02.25 21:58
Al, thank you as always for your invaluable perspective. I've thought of the freezing as well, but it is so odd, when my husband does this, I almost feel like he is in his own world. I don't know if he forgot where he was wanting to go, or is just lost in thought, but he will stand there for half an hour or more. I have asked him about freezing, is he stuck, and he has always said no, so that's why I posted since I have no idea what this is.

Busymom, thank you for sharing. I don't know what to do, either. The other day as I was leaving with our youngest for a practice, my husband told us he was glad we were leaving! We've had no med changes so I don't think it's a medication issue, just this doggone disease.

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