For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Sheridan On 2016.04.12 21:10
Have been reading that Michael J Fox is losing his battle with PD. Seems he was seen recently having great difficulty getting into a car and that he is "but a shell of his former self". When I told this to my husband, who has had PD for twenty years, he wondered at the public response. I am sure that every caregiver can relate to having to "help" ( push, stuff, slide and generally man/woman handle ) a person with PD in off mode into/onto a car, bed, toilet etc. Perhaps in the past MJF has been able to time all his outings so to avoid public "down times"? People really have NO idea what goes on in the daily life of a PDer or they would know that this is a fairly common experience. Just today had to call EMS to lift my husband who slid off wheelchair during a transfer. We take this stuff in stride but I guess the public would be appalled. Glad we don't have to live in that fishbowl!

By moonswife On 2016.04.13 10:38
Agree with you Sheridan. But the fishbowl, sadly, will show the world how the activities of daily life are impacted. Downtimes are not as predictable for my husband lately. We are seeing them faster, and at odd times. Our tracking seems to indicate that fatigue and stress are taking a bigger toll. But he saw the Movement Disorder Specialist recently, who thought he was doing better than 2 years ago on this 20 year spiral. Good to hear. Plus an adjustment of the Medtronic DBS stim made his voice louder. So bouyed by this news he went out to the garage and sawed off the tip of his thumb, with a wee little keyhole saw trimming some molding. His spirit fights, now his his white blood cells must too.

By LOHENGR1N On 2016.06.07 23:27
All of Us with Parkinson's Disease are losing our battle. In the end Parkinson's always wins. That's the reality We Patients live with 24/7 on end no breaks, no Hero. If We had a Hero I think I'd want Batman a dark brooding Knight for a dark sinister disease. Sorry a dark thought from an longtime battle tested warrior in this fight, We'll have that sometimes.

By cmm On 2016.06.22 10:48
I actually have a friend who knows MJF (they went to high school together) and he just played with him at a golf tournament benefit for one of his causes. He posted pictures of them playing guitar together and he looked pretty good to me. I think he is definitely getting worse but still making the most out of life. I'm sure he has his good days and bad days like all of us.

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