For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By bksquared On 2016.05.29 23:35
With a little luck, the man I hired to help with my husband, PWP with cognitive issues and severe balance issues) will show up and start Tuesday. I have written out the general tasks we need him to assist us with. No daily living assistance (shower, shave, toileting, etc) is needed. But companionship is a huge need. Also he will be relief for me as I am suffering from burnout and other mental issues. He is new to caregiving with professional training and we are new to hiring an aide. Some of you have experience with outside help. Any wise words or hints?

By VioletV On 2016.05.30 16:14
a couple of thoughts:
We have a housekeeper and use agency caregivers from time to time.

In either case I would say, up front, that after a month you will sit own together and review/revise the written job description.

Keep some boundaries. You don't have to be cool or distant, but do maintain an employer/employee relationship.

Pay the taxes FICA etc. You then can count the cost as a health care expense and he can be building credits for social security.

Good for you for taking care of yourself!!!


By moonswife On 2016.05.30 18:32
All good tips Violet. A daily schedule (within reason) will help the caregiver. He needs to know especially when Rx taken, where and when the patient naps, appropriate snacks, and meal schedule. Yes, no schedule is ever adhered to when Mr. Parkinson has his way.....but general guidelines help. Also, even though my husband has no memory issues yet, we keep a big daily sign of the day of the week, the date and any appointments for him or me. Even the weekly poker game and Sunday scrabble game get listed. Also, I count down the days until we go to the house in Catalina every month. We do not have help there, but I do not have to go to work, either.

By Lynnie2 On 2016.06.09 14:07
I have a personal service worker come every Tuesday for 6 hours to stay with my husband while I go swimming and have lunch and do other things I like and get groceries.
She is a women in her 40's and they get along very well.
She gets his lunch and they go for a walk or sit on the deck or porch, or look through photo albums, etc.
I give him a shower but some day when I can't, I think she could do that too.
He also goes to the Day Away Program at the Alzheimer's Society for 5 1/2 hours.
He's been going for about 2 months, but last week he wasn't wanting to go, and started to cry. He said he hated it, but I finally talked him into going.
Hopefully this week I don't have that problem. It's only one day a week so hopefully he continues.
I can't afford to have the caregiver come another day and the program only costs $16 which includes a hot lunch, so it's worth it.

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