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By flowers12 On 2016.05.30 16:10
My hubby cannot get in or out of bed on his own. He can't lift his legs or move them over on or off the bed. We have a side rail that does help in him sitting up and the bed is adjustable. The problem with having the head of the bed come up is that he is never situated correctly so that it helps him sit up. We tried an overhead trapeze but he doesn't have the strength to pull himself up. I tried the leg lifter but that is not easy for me either. We tried the bed ladder and that didn't work. Has anyone found something that works to lift the legs other than manually lifting? Lifting him in and out of bed 4 times a night is hard on my body.

By moonswife On 2016.05.30 18:26
You are going to think this is crazy, but I have Mike sleep with his socks on so I can lift by inserting my hand into the top of the sock and creating a handle. Works with the hem of his Levi's when he gets in the car, too. Instead of a bed rail, we found a bed cane (only 8 inches wide) that he can push himself upward with. I have a 2nd that I can put on the other side of him. That and me tugging on the Hoyer belt works, even tho he is 18 inches taller than me. : )

By flowers12 On 2016.05.30 19:36
Thank you for your suggestions. I have also used the sock or hems to lift legs but still so heavy. Oh, a hoyer belt has the handles. I have a gait belt without handles and it isn't too much help. I'll try the hoyer belt. Do you leave it on all night? It would be difficult to take it off and put it on each time. The bed cane looks like it would work much better than the bed rail because he could grip it at the ends using both hands. Looking on Amazon at the hoyer belts I see a sit to stand walking cane that might work to stand up. The more you look online the more you find but don't always know if they will work well or not.

By Mary556 On 2016.06.03 21:22
Flowers, wishing I knew of some good device to help relieve your pain and exhaustion from the frequent transfers. One begins to feel almost helpless. I used to spend hours at Amazon researching, wishing there would be some easy answer, but did not find any magic bullets myself. When the time came that my PCP Mom needed someone to bear more of her weight than I could do myself, that is when we hired a personal care assistant (two people relieving one another) through an agency.

I've just been wondering if your husband's doctor would refer him for a physical therapy assessment, if a PT could come to your home to observe his everyday routines and recommend what accessories (bed canes, grab bars, etc.) would be best for his needs, so you are not trying to figure out all those modifications by yourself. If you are retired and have Medicare coverage, the PT visits should be covered if requisitioned by his doctor.

I was able to lift and pivot my mother's legs into bed, but did not have enough strength to lift her from sitting to standing. The following guideline was helpful to me at the time; this is basically what we did (the first illustration), but in reverse:

You are well-read and no doubt already know the safest ways to assist your husband, remembering to bend your knees and use your leg muscles to prevent injury to your back. My Mom's PT once said to me that the first rule of lifting is "Don't"... Caregivers need to be careful not to exceed physical limitations. We want to do everything in our power to help our loved one and sometimes try to go beyond what is realistic.

By VioletV On 2016.06.03 22:49

Look at this. It may cost the earth, but if it saves your back it may very well be worth it

By flowers12 On 2016.06.04 00:17
Mary, thank you for your response. I've been working with our OT to find a better way of getting my hubby in and out of bed. We've tried different things and are still working on more ways. In Europe they have so many wonderful things like electric leg lifters. I've looked into so many different things but they are not sold here in the US.

Violet, I'm chuckling at your suggestion because I have been looking at it for over a year and they don't sell them here in the US. I've looked into the shipping costs from England even. The cost would be about $18,000. If I felt I could be comfortable spending that much I would have it. It's wonderful. I was referred to this other one that is $5,000 but there isn't anywhere close where we could see it before buying it. Med Mizer bed it seems rather cheaply made compared to the Roto-Flex bed.
On top of paying for someone to come in and help out I just don't know . Next week I'm going in to discuss options and what Medicare will cover so I'll know more then.

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