For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By umajane On 2016.06.02 21:57
This is directed to Flowers....Please take care of yourself and get a caregiver to help.
It is essential, this is a long journey. After a few years of frustration, sadness and anger I finally made the decision to take care of me so I could really be loving and do the best I can for my husband.
I now get out everyday for about 3 hours.. It is MY time and I can do whatever I like..
Swimming, errands, haircuts, shopping etc etc.
Yes it's expensive but the alternative would not be pretty..My family is all for this too. My husband enjoys the caring caregivers and they take excellent care of him.
Believe me it is still very difficult and lonely and hard and frustrating but so much better for both of us.

By flowers12 On 2016.06.03 00:12
Umajane, I realize now that in order to be able to be a loving caregiver to my hubby and keep my sanity I do have to get help. These last couple of days I've just had a melt down. Yesterday with the diarrhea and then today every 1/2 hour or less my hubby thinks he has to go and then after getting in the bathroom and getting him sitting down he says there's nothing. Over and over and over all day until I just couldn't keep from having a melt down. I don't think he even realized what was happening. I cried and cried and sat next to him and told him I loved him and I was sorry to be so upset. He didn't seem to understand or be affected by it. I got myself together finally and we had dinner and everything was back to normal. I just feel so alone. We have no family close by that is of any help and his one sister and brother in-law live 5 minutes away but have too many volunteer obligations. It hurts to think no one cares enough to even offer to help once in a while. Oh I'm just feeling sorry for myself lately. I'm very hopeful that my meeting next week with the caregiver resource people will give me the information I need to find someone to come in and give me a break a few days a week. This forum has been such a great help to me. Since moving here I don't have any real close friends who I could confide in and all of you on this forum know what we are all going through. Thank you for helping me have a little hope that I'll make it through this difficult time.

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