For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2016.06.06 16:08
My husband is grumpy. I think his anger is over new limitations and the reality, the ever present reality that doesn't go away even if you deny it for years, that he has PD and it has screwed his life up and isn't going to go away.

He is very angry about this. He slams doors, cuts me off in mid-sentence, stomps around, and I've heard what sounds like him throwing things in another room.

I realize this is probably part of his grieving process, and am trying to give him freedom to vent as he needs to, because I do not feel that he has ever really come to grips with PD. For years now, he has denied and pretended he isn't sick, refused to tell anyone he has PD unless absolutely necessary, refused to do things that would help his PD (exercise, tai chi, yoga even) and basically tried to carry on the life he had before PD to the outside world as much as possible. But that only works for so long, and here we are, PD staring us right in the face.

What do you do when your loved one is mad?

By ljharper62 On 2016.06.06 16:57
Hi Lurking,

I am experiencing the same thing. Hugs to you!

The MA at DH doctor's office said that they see this a lot as things (driving and other skills) are no longer easy for our Parkies.

I don't have any real solutions - perhaps others might know the best way to handle this. For now, I plan on laying out options for him to choose from and letting him vent and then talking it out once he calms down a little.

By flowers12 On 2016.06.07 12:54
Difficult times. This morning I told my hubby we were going to go get his blood work done that the doctor ordered yesterday at his office visit. I said he couldn't eat or drink anything yet because it was a fasting blood test. He normally doesn't eat until 8 or so and this was 6:30. He had a fit all of a sudden and said well what if I wanted to have a steak? It was so funny I snickered a little. He was just being irrational. I was getting upset and finally just said fine, we can go tomorrow and walked out of the room. I came back out a few minutes later and he told me okay lets go. I just never know sometimes how he will react. I usually just leave him alone for a while and then come back and change the subject and try to get him talking. I think I'm lucky that he's easier than most.

By ljharper62 On 2016.06.07 13:57
Flowers, that is kind of cute about the steak. Sometimes they seem so normal that its hard to remember that they don't process things the way we do.

I just shake my head, smile and tackle it later if I need to

By Lynnie2 On 2016.06.09 16:26
My husband isn't grumpy but he cries easily now. I think he is depressed about his life.
It's going on 9 years with this disease and for the past year he is experiencing dementia.
Sometime I want him to do something, but he doesn't want to do it, then a few minutes later he's wanting to do it.
I feel like I'm walking on egg shells sometimes.
You can't get angry at him as he gets defensive, like today he left the door wide open. I said do you want animals to come in?
He got upset blaming me for locking the door.
I get help a couple of days a week, thank goodness. I don't think I could take it day in day out without some help.

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