For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By flowers12 On 2016.06.09 18:29
The Neurologist wants a U-Step walker for my hubby since he's freezing up so much. I've researched it and it's about $575 plus the laser module is $249. I've found out that Medicare will cover $388 and our Blue Cross will cover about $140. Neither one will cover anything on the laser module. I'm getting so desparate for anything to help me lifting and pulling him around. I've also been looking at the pivoting bed but that's a little less than $5,000. I just don't know if the walker is really worth the cost. At least the bed would enable him to come to a sitting and standing position without me pulling him up. What are your thoughts? My shoulders, neck and back are taking a beating and I don't know how long I can continue.

By exhausted wife On 2016.06.09 19:33
We purchased the walker. My husband hated it. It is now used for walking between rooms in the house.

Save your money for something to help you lift.

By lurkingforacure On 2016.06.09 22:15
Always check craigslist-you'd be surprised what you can find on there, especially medical items people have bought and no longer want/need.

By Maddie52 On 2016.06.14 23:00
Hi Flowers12,
I have been reading your posts but just got a new password so I could send responses.
My husband is 68 and was diagnosed 22 years ago. Had a hip fracture in December and things have gone down hill quite a bit.
We have a U step which we were able to borrow from the Assistance League here in Denver for 6 months. My feelings are mixed. He does ok with it but it is cumbersome, etc. See if you can try one out from somewhere in your area.
I know what you are going through. We are still relatively young and I am (63) and overwhelmed.Things have gotten very trying for us. Don't give up and get as much help as you can. This is harder than I ever imagined it would be.
Please keep posting and now that I have my new password I will try and respond when I have ideas for you.

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