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By LC On 2016.07.11 09:40
My husband's neurologist has prescribed the excelon patch for mild dementia. I haven't seen any improvement. If anything he is much more restless at night. Does anyone else have any experience with this drug?

By lurkingforacure On 2016.07.11 11:13
We don't have any experience with this but from everything I had read about PD, no drug works the same for everyone. It really is a crapshoot, what works wonders for one PWP can be a disaster for another and vice versa.

Take careful notes of your husband's experience on any new drug, and share them with his neuro. Then you have all the information of your husband's personal reaction to the drug at your fingertips when you need to decide whether to stay on it or drop it.

By VioletV On 2016.07.12 17:04
My husband is using this. I notice small important changes. Less anxiety during the night and thus the ability to sleep and, if we wakes up, to go back to sleep more readily. It's clearly not magic but it seems to be helping with his orientation and anxiety.

By Daisy123 On 2016.08.15 05:05
My dh was put on the lowest dose exelon patch about 2 years ago for the same reason. After about a month where his motor symptoms deteriorated I stopped the patch and on my next visit to his neurologist I was told that he needed to persevere and titrate up to a higher dose and that would show the improvement.

So we started again and after 6 weeks on the lowert 6mg? patch he moved on to the bigger 13mg? patch and his motor symptoms went from very bad to terrible so I contact his neurologist and said that I was stopping the patch which I did immediately (with no side effects) and his motor symptoms were under control again within a day or so.

After that he was prescribed Seroquel (Quetiapine) for his hallucinations and sleep problems and he was fine with that.

I know that Exelon works extremely well for some patients and it is considered one of the best medications of it's type, but it just doesn't suit everyone.

Hope that you have a different experience that we had.

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