For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By ljharper62 On 2016.07.26 13:35
I am the wife of a Parkinsonís patient. I am also a full time worker outside of the home. I first decided to hire someone to drive my husband to appointments when I cannot get the time off of work. I sorted through many applicants through a caregiverís connection website and chose to interview only those candidates familiar with Parkinsonís disease.

When we met our Caregiver, ML, I wasnít looking for any additional help besides transportation. But after talking to her I saw that she was capable of so much more. She has worked with Parkinsonís patients as well as dementia and ALS patients and has worked for several patients giving end of life hospice care. When we met in person, she brought her chair close to Johnís chair so that she could clearly communicate with him. Sheís a CNA and was an EMT for 14 years in the Army. She immediately offered to help John with his physical therapy exercises and to help with meals. She is close to my age and I can see her helping me sort out all of the emotions that we go through with our loved ones. She knows how to lift a person who has fallen and knows how to assist someone who is frozen. If everything works out I know that as John needs more help she will be able to assist him.

As soon as we met her, I felt this tremendous weight lifted off of me. So for anyone who feels that they have to do it all themselves, please know that it isnít giving up or failing if you bring someone in to help. It can be a great gift, not only to you as a caregiver but to your PWP.

By carman96 On 2016.07.27 00:23
It's wonderful to find a good, capable caregiver.
I have a caregiver from an agency 3 hours 3x a week that VA pays for.
My situation is different because I don't have a job but I can't leave my husband alone at all so he needs 24/7 caregiver.
I need to have more caregiver help soon.
Agree it is the best thing to hire outside help as soon as you can. It is too difficult doing it alone.

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