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By flowers12 On 2016.08.01 11:48
My hubby has been taking Aricept for two years. He started with 5 mg and about 6 months ago the Dr uped it to 10 mg because he was starting to have hallucinations, delusions and paranoia occasionally. It has worked well until lately. I've noticed that if I become upset or aggravated and show it that's when the dementia rears it's ugly head. As long as I stay calm and attentive he doesn't seem to get the paranoia or delusions very often. Sometimes the hallucinations occur. You can imagine what it's like having to get up every two hours all night to help him pee and try to stay cheerful and calm fearful that I'll trigger his paranoia. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this type of trigger.
Last night when I was trying to help him up out of bed my shoulder was so painful I told him he was going to have to try to help me. When he put his arms around my waist to help lift himself his watch pinched his arm and that set him off big time. It was my fault, get away, don't touch me etc. Sometimes he scares me a little. I just walked out of the room for a while. Then he started blowing his whistle and still wouldn't let me help him up. I had my son come and help me get him up. After that he was fine again.

I'd like to know if anyone has started taking the new Nuplazid med and how it works. Or if there is another med that has been used successfully for the dementia.

By Lynnie2 On 2016.08.09 10:39
My husband takes about 18 mg. of Quetiapine because he was having hallucinations and roaming at night.
I wasn't getting a good sleep at all.
He's been on it since Feb. 2016,
He also has Atril Fib. which is irregular heartbeat so they have to watch what he takes.
He also sleeps a lot during the day and not much ambition. They tried to alter his Sinemet but it didn't help with the mobility.
The MDS said there isn't anything else they can give him, but at the last
appointment they said that Aricept might help. I asked if it would interfere with the Atril Fib and he said there shouldn't be any negative side affects.
I wasn't really sure, so talked to the pharmacist about my concern since he was already on Quetiapine which is a low risk med in the quantity he takes.
He said there might be a risk with the Aricept on top of the other, so wanted me to talk to our family doctor who would have the whole picture. He also gave me some literature that the pharmacy pays for to take to the doctor to describe his concerns,

I had to remind the MDS that my husband had Atril Fib. when he also asked if he has taken other meds (I forget those names).
They gave him a prescription of 5 mg. of the Aricept to take in the day time for 3 months. and then 10 mg for another 3 months.
We don't see our family doctor for 3 weeks, so we'll see what he says.
My husband gets upset or aggravated at times too, but it's the dementia I think.
Oh, by the way he sleeps better with the Quetiapine so you might try that medication. We started out with half of a 25 mg. pill and then put another 1/4 of the pills which equals about 18 mg.
I have the pharmacy half the pills and then I half the other half with a pill cutter. I put the pill in a little pudding so he can swallow it better and some water to wash it down.
If you have any questions, let me know.

By flowers12 On 2016.08.11 13:57
We see the Neurologist next week and I will talk to him about a sleep aid. If I could just get him to stay awake during the day maybe he would sleep longer at night. My hubby seems to be getting less and less alert and moving slower. He still seems to perk up when we go for a ride every day which makes me think I'm not providing him enough stimulating activities. I've gotten very lax at doing his exercises or even trying to get him to play cards. I've fallen into a sad place myself.

By Daisy123 On 2016.08.11 16:41
My hubby has been on 2 x 25mg Queitapine (Seroquel) for about 2 years now. He has been having hallucinations for about 4 years at least. The Seroquel definitely helps him get off to sleep better and initially the hallucinations were only at nighttime. Now he suffers intermittently during the day as well. He was prescribed to take an extra half tablet twice during the day as needed but he is unable to tolerate these as they have a negative effect on his motor symptoms.

The exelon patch was tried twice but he couldn't tolerate that either.

5mg of Aricept was added in about a year ago to help with his cognition. Although I cannot see any improvement he still takes it..just in case..

I was told that Seroquel (Queitapine) is the best drug for dealing with hallucinations.

I guess it's a case of trial and error for each patient, but it's hard not to be sad when we have to deal with everything this rotten disease throws at us.

By Lynnie2 On 2016.08.14 14:23
If they recommend Sequel, I believe you should start out with a very low dose because if you have too much, when they get up in the night, they will be doppy.
They started my husband with half of 25 mg and increase to another 1/4, so he takes approx. 18 mg.
If you find he needs more, then it could be gradually increased.
He still sees things but not nearly the amount he used to and at times he didn't know who I was.
He is much better that way, but sometimes gets confused.
The MDS says that he is fighting 3 things. Parkinson's, Meds and Dementia.
Unfortunately it hard to do things for them but we do the best we can.
I also have a Personal Service Worker who comes for 6 hours one day a week.
I got her through the Alzheimer's Society and they get along great.
Also he goes to a Day Away Program at the Alzheimer's Society place.
This gives me some breaks during the week. It costs money as it isn't free, but my health is important too and if I get sick, he would be worse off.

By flowers12 On 2016.08.19 17:04
We saw the Neurologist yesterday. My hubby was in better shape this time than 3 months ago. I wish I new what makes the difference between mobile and alert and not. We decided to continue with the Aricept since it seems to be working pretty well now that he takes 2 pills instead of 1 1/2 at night.

It was suggested that we also change his Carbo/Levo dose times where he takes his night dose at 5 pm and his Aricept and Myrbetriq at 8pm. I had been following the protein 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after a meal the Dr said it should be 1 hr before or 2 hrs after protein. He said perhaps the carbo/levo will be more effective now. We'll try it but it sure will make eating a planning event. So much conflicting information.

I asked about some kind of sleep aid and he said that sometimes they increase hallucinations. He suggested we try a low dose of Melatonin because it's natural and has no side effects if used as needed in low doses. So here we go on a new schedule. I hope it works better.

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