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By bksquared On 2016.08.21 01:20
My husband PWP needs to have a colonoscopy. Based on a CAT scan for another issue, the contrast dye did not pass a section of his colon that is dilated. It could be colitis, a mass or fecal matter due to his chronic constipation. Given his slowness compounded by mobility and balance problems he can just about make it to the bathroom now. The diarrhea from the prep has me scared. If he can't make it now - how will he get there in the wee hours of the morning when there is urgency. It might be possible to admit him to the hospital the night before. However with his cognitive problems that might not be the way to go, literally and figuratively. LOL Anyone been through this? Suggestions?

By mylove On 2016.08.21 01:28
I've done this prep (as has my husband). You're talking about up to four hours of "flush". I think a bedside commode might be in order. Even if they admitted him, there's no one to babysit getting him out of bed in time. The good news is that at home, depending on when you start the process, you could be done before bedtime. Fingers crossed.

Just my two cents.

By VioletV On 2016.08.21 07:44
Plus, if ever there is a time for a bed pan, this is it. You will have to do a lot, I suspect. Buy a big box of gloves for you and a big tube of Boudreaux's butt paste for him. He doesn't need a sore hiney and that stuff helped me through my colon cancer diagnosis and successful treatment.

Or. Insist they do it in the hospital and tell them you'll stay the whole time to help with the bedpans. That way someone else will change the sheets and do the inevitable laundry.

We are seeing our OT on Tuesday. She knows a lot about PD and I will ask her about ideas to manage this.

By flowers12 On 2016.08.21 12:30
This is just what I've been thinking about. My hubby has been having a colonoscopy every 3 years for the last 10 years due to a very large polyp that had the Doctor concerned. He was in much better physical shape then. I've been dreading having this procedure because of the mess. I layed in bed just this morning wondering how it will get done. In the past there was a huge amount of liquid that had to be taken. I know there are also pills that can be used but I don't know how they work, slower or faster. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow and see what he can suggest. I was also concerned about the Versed medication they use, I already had asked the Neurologist if there would be any issues with his Senimet and he said there wouldn't be any problems. I'll pass on any information I can get.

By jcoff012 On 2016.08.21 12:31
The prep for the colonoscopy truly is the worst part. I agree with Michelle (MyLove), see if he can take the prep early in the day so that it is over by bedtime. My husband had a colonoscopy since Dx and managed, although until they put him to sleep, his tremors ramped up!

Good luck...and, if you need advice, I truly would contact the would probably be surprised that he has faced PD in his practice. Most have.

By VioletV On 2016.08.24 17:43
OK. I asked our OT, who is so smart and so experienced with PD.

She suggested renting (or borrowing from a medical equipment closet if your town has one, as ours does) a bedside commode. And, at the most "productive" time of the prep period just have him stay seated comfortably on the commode with pillows around him and set him up with music or movies or whatever he would find entertaining. Still going to be a difficult and messy day, but that's nothing compared to colon cancer.

By mylove On 2016.08.25 09:04
When you rent a commode, wonder if you can request more than one receptacle so there's no wait while you switch them out? Seems important in this case.

By bksquared On 2016.08.26 16:41
As usual you have all provided great advice. It is terrific to have a support network. We have decided to wait until early Dec for the colonoscopy to give him more time to recover from the sedation used during the endoscopy. Keep you posted as the time nears

By moonswife On 2016.08.27 08:17
We have had to use bedside commode after surgery several times. Rather than two receptacles to switch out, I line the container with the strongest kitchen bag I can buy. In fact I got in the practice of having a covered trash can (Home Depot handle pail) handy to put the tied of bag into to carry to the waste bin. I also put 5 or 6 unused bags below the current clean one so I did not have to hunt for reliner. Somehow the box wandered off the night stand often. Good luck.

By mylove On 2016.08.27 11:34
Hate to be a wet blanket on that one, but your garbage service might not like the idea of human waste in the outgoing load. We got chastised for discarding those "blue ice" type gel packs in our trash bin because when they got into the back of the truck and the compactor mechanism squished the load, they exploded ALL OVER. You couldn't believe the mess. Needless to say, the garbage man was NOT happy. And those packets were tough! I never dreamed they'd explode.... You get the picture.

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