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By DBKinNC On 2016.10.22 00:29
For the last 5+ years now I have used Eucalyptus globulus pure essential oil in every laundry load and for cleaning my husband clothing, bedding, pillows, blankets, pads, towels, floor rugs, etc. The odor of urine and feces comes from bacteria, and Eucalyptus essential oil is an antibacterial essential oil. No one can ever smell anything out of the ordinary in our home - I ask and they tell me. Even our family members are amazed there isn't any odor in our home. People often remark about how wonderful our home smells.

Here is what I do:

1. I purchase Eucalyptus globulus essential oil from Loving Scents Aromatherapy in Greensboro, NC. Here is their web address:
On the website you will see a list of all of the essential oils they carry. You have to contact them on their "Contact us" section to purchase a bottle larger than 4 oz. I buy it in the Kilogram size (about 1,000mls). The cost, including shipping, is about $100 - the cost varies with the commodity price of the essential oil. That bottle lasts me about 3 months.
2. I asked Loving Scents for 3ml plastic droppers, and I use one dropper for months and months. I store the 3ml dropper in a small mason jar on my laundry shelf along side the detergent and bottle of essential oil. Each laundry load gets 4 droppers full of the Eucalyptus essential oil. I sprinkle 2, 3ml droppers full directly onto the items in the washer as it is filling with water and I dispense 2 more 3ml droppers full into the soap dispenser.
The result is that your home smells heavenly of Eucalyptus and the items you wash come out with no odor at all. It is like magic.

I use essential oils for many things, however, this one is the most valuable to me. You can add it to a bucket of water when you are cleaning the bathroom or any surface that has had urine or feces.

I hope this will help you. The odors was something I just could not bear.....

By VioletV On 2016.10.23 15:58
Wow, thank you. I don't have a lot of this to deal with - yet. but I will keep this post where I can find it when I need it.

By mylove On 2016.10.24 10:37
Great tip! Do you know if any other scent will work the same way? Eucalyptus is one of those smells that really, really nauseates me, unfortunately. :(.

By DBKinNC On 2016.10.24 23:07
mylove: That entire family of essential oils have similar cineole scents to them. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential will also work and has similar antibacterial properties, however, it is so much more expensive, that I opted to try Eucalyptus globulus. Also Manuka (as you see Manuka Honey and essential oil used in hospitals in New Zealand to kill Mrsa infections). You could try Peppermint essential oil because it also contains a high ratio of the 1.8 Cineole (Menthol) compound. Peppermint is inexpensive, however, I would think you might need to increase the volume. The citrus essential oils such as Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange also have antibacterial properties, however again, even though they are inexpensive, you probably would need to increase the volume used. You could experiment and see at what level the odors are eliminated.

PS - Essential oils are soap soluble, so they will not stain or discolor clothing.

Hope this helps.

By Trusting On 2016.10.30 22:05
I've been using essential oils for years now and have purchased some expensive oils and some not so expensive. I find unless I'm going to ingest them that the cheaper oils do a great job. I would just order from amazon or another place b/c $100. is a huge amount for essential oils to use for laundry. I do love the citrus oils in my wash. Cinnamon and clove are also great to get rid of germs. Hope this helps some of you who can't afford this much money at this time. Blessings.

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