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By jcoff012 On 2016.11.17 20:44
As many of you know, I have been struggling with eye problems and getting monthly injections for over 2 years. Then, in late September, I had my first cataract surgery. Since then, my sight is improving, I was able to get my license renewal, and have the right eye cataract surgery after Christmas. Now, the reason I tell you this...I am becoming increasingly concerned with Carl's eye problems...I have been going for so long, but his are worse in a far shorter time!

He began going to a retinologist at my eye doctor about six months ago. He had cataract surgery, but his eyes are not improving...He does not get injections and was told today he will have surgery on December 7! He has scar tissue to be removed and it may take up to a year for better sight!

So, my question is this something "normal" to PWP? Do PWP have worsening eye problems? TIA to any responses. Seems like a bad 12 months have past...we were looking to better vision, now this....

By Busymom On 2016.11.18 14:27
I have heard of vision getting worse with PD, and my husband's vision has certainly been getting worse, he never had excellent vision anyway, he always wore contacts, but now he can barely see at all. His doctors have said it can just be the PD, but also some of the meds they take can cause vision side effects. They put him on amantadine, and it caused his vision to be so blurry he was walking into furniture and walls, and we looked it up and blurred vision is one of the first side effects listed, so he had to quit taking it. But others can cause vision problems too, so that's just something to consider...

By bksquared On 2016.11.21 17:57
Yes to vision problems. Since PD slows reactions his eyes do not respond as quickly to changes in focus depth so things seem blurry all the time. His response time to TV is slow so the screen is blurry if there is any action. Additionally he needed prisms added to his glasses. A neuro-ophthalmologist discovered both his eyes can no longer focus together so a prism in his glasses decreases his double-vision which was adding to the blurriness. Prisms can be added for near- or far- sightedness. Sadly PWP vision changes as the dopamine changes brain function even on a daily basis. Their muscle responses, even on their eyes varies.

By jcoff012 On 2016.11.21 19:17
I am finding this really interesting. As I improve, he worsens...just another reason to hate PD....he seems to handle the distance so far, but just a few minutes ago he was trying to fix our grandson's race car and could not see the small screw after he took it out of the car! Nigel, age 7, calmly said, "Here it is, Grandpa. Don't get frustrated!" We BOTH laughed. I hope we can continue to laugh.

By flowers12 On 2016.11.21 23:45
My hubby has complained about his eyes burning for the last two years. The eye doctor thought it was dry eye but the drops haven't helped at all. Now, several times a day and night he can't open his eyes because they burn. I have to gently wipe them a couple of times with a damp tissue. It seems to be getting worse. The eye doctor gave us some eye drops for allergy but that doesn't really work either. He has prescription glasses for reading but I never see him wearing them anymore. He reads the sport section of the paper each morning without his glasses and seems to be able to read just fine.

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